Flashback Friday--Sliding and Getting Stuck


Who doesn't remember sliding down the banister as a small child? It was frowned upon in my house, which always made it so much more exciting (and also surprising that I found a picture of such an event). I was such a rebel.

I've also heard of some curious kids who tried sticking their heads through the railings, only to get stuck. I'm sure this resulted in screaming and crying and promises to never do such a thing again. Of course, I wouldn't know for sure. That never happened to me.

Not even once. 
Certainly not twice. 
Definitely not three times. 
Duh. I'm not stupid.

* * * 

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Tia Colleen said...

I never had stairs growing up, I envied kids that did, for that very reason!!

...I've got a banister now, but I'm way too scared, haha.

And you're right, you look totally bad ass, lol.