One of Those Weeks


It's been one of those weeks where I feel like I'm just trying to keep my head above water. I keep trying to stay positive, not get upset, and then something else happens.

{warning: slight venting to commence}

On Tuesday, my roommate told me she's moving out two months earlier than expected, leaving me with a rather expensive three-bedroom apartment. I don't blame her at all; I can't even say I'm surprised. She's been a terrific roommate for almost a year and a half, and it's been great to split the bills with someone, but now I have to decide what to do. And I have to decide by Friday, because I have to give my current apt thirty days' notice if I am going to move out.

So...after weighing my options, it looks like I too will be moving out at the end of February. That's not quite the same as August, like I originally thought. Now the apartment hunt is on, and I don't so much like not knowing where I'm going to live next month. My friend Hannah (who you may remember from wedding dress shopping) has been nice enough to offer her extra bedroom for me if I can't find an apartment. Although, I doubt she'll be so gracious when Jordan and I get married and we're both living with her.

Along with random stressful apartment stuff, I'm also trying to figure out wedding stuff. Up till now it's been going pretty well, but I today I got really overwhelmed. Decisions and details and money...ugh. Really, though, I know it will work out and be wonderful. (At least, that's what my mom keeps telling me.) It's just hard to see that right now. 

I went to the dermatologist Wednesday morning (I almost got lost getting there, btw) to see if she could get my face cleared up in time for my wedding. She seemed confident she could get me looking clean and clear and under control (hello, Neutrogena), but apparently for me that means five prescriptions. And who knew face cream could be so freaking expensive? I spent a good fifteen minutes tonight just reading all the directions. After looking at the bottles on my bathroom counter, I saw a vision of my future as an old lady, pills and vitamins galore. I'm not super excited about it.

But if that's what it takes to not look like I have chicken pox on my face in front of two hundred people, I guess it's worth it. I did find it amusing that one of the information pamphlets told me no less than three times to BE PATIENT. I guess they know people get ancy, since this stuff takes twelve weeks to show improvement.

So here I am--expensive face cream on my face--watching the Australian Open on my computer. I just turned it on for a second and now I'm stuck here, unable to turn off this extremely close semifinal match and get some sleep. Believe it or not, professional tennis can get intense.

And as I watched these two top-ten female players, a thought came to mind: They'd probably pay someone to plan their wedding.
laura said...

I did the dermatologist pre-wedding thing too and also got five prescriptions. And they worked, which was pretty sweet. Then I got lazy about taking them post-wedding and now I'm all back to normal.

Lauren said...

Aw hehe Hang in there. One thing at a time. And for goodness sake get some sleep!

Amanda said...

Laura, good to know I'm not the only one...and good to know it worked for you! Let's hope it's the same for me.

Lauren, thanks for the support! Stupid ESPN streaming tennis online ;)