For Future Reference. . .


Your wedding isn't the best time to get your first manicure. If, however, you do get a manicure and decide to choose French tips, make sure it's no more than three days before your wedding. Two, if you can help it. French tips don't stay on very long.

Unless you're one of those superstitious types, take pictures with the groom before the ceremony. It makes you much less nervous and as an added bonus, you can get all those boring posed shots out of the way, leaving time for fun ones with the bridal party after the ceremony is over.

Walk slowly when you come down the aisle and when you leave. You'll want to rush in...and then out again, but don't. It's awkward with a hundred or so people just staring at you, but do you really want a blurry picture? Think about it.

Practice your first kiss. This wasn't something I'd thought about until one of my bridesmaids asked me: Have you guys practiced your kiss? Umm, no we haven't. We've kissed before, so I'm not sure what you mean. Turns out, it was a good thing we did, and even then (based on the pictures I've seen from my friends) we ended up with an awkward twisted hand thing, which sort of bums me out but whatever. Also, think about how long you're going to hold the kiss; again, it's awkward when people are just staring at you, so if you're like me, your urge will be to pull away immediately. Jordan and I decided on three seconds (counting Mississippily), which we announced to everyone during our rehearsal. #1 funny moment of the ceremony was when our pastor counted to three as we kissed. You probably won't need to be that insane, though. We're an odd pair.

Wear something cute to rehearsal. If you're like me, you'll consider being that awesome girl who tells everyone to wear jeans and T-shirts. But then your mom will convince you to buy a cute dress, and you'll thank her later. (Hypothetical situation; that is not what happened to me.) There will be pictures taken, and when will you actually have another wedding rehearsal in your life? Never. So go big and buy a cute dress. 

If you and your bridesmaids are all getting their hair done, make sure you do your (the bride's) hair first. This was something my photographer suggested, and I am sure glad I listened to her. When she arrived to start taking pictures, I was ready to go, and it wasn't that big of a deal that my girls still needed to finish up while I took some solo shots.

Don't wear your garter all day. It's sorta itchy. Instead, put it on right before the garter part of the reception. However, don't forget about the garter part until it's upon you and then have to hike up your dress while your bridesmaids form a curtain around you so you don't flash everyone. (Again, hypothetical situation.)

Important: DON'T worry about getting your dress dirty. You'll only be wearing it once, so live it up. If your photographer wants to take pictures of you in a dusty wheat field, do it. (Can't wait to see those pictures!) If people step on the hem, tell them not to worry. Bottom line: just don't get stressed out.

Print out a copy of a detailed itinerary for the DJ. Give it to someone responsible who will be at the reception, and let them handle keeping everything on schedule. This should not be something you have to worry about. 

People really do like chocolate cake.

Don't leave for your honeymoon the very next day if you can avoid it. Jordan and I left for ours on Monday, and it was super nice to have an entire day on Sunday just to hang out. We opened some wedding gifts, played a game, watched a movie, and it was great. A relaxing way to begin the honeymoon and married life. 

When you're on your honeymoon, tell everyone. You might get free/discounted stuff. When we checked in to the hotel in San Antonio, we mentioned that it was our honeymoon. They sent us up two boxes of chocolate (there was actually a funny mix up; we were only supposed to get one. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Hampton) as well as a bottle of champagne. When we went to Sea World, I told the cashier it was our honeymoon, and she gave us each the child price. Saved us $20. Woot! (Note: this doesn't work at Jamba Juice. They still charged me full price for my smoothie, those jerks.)

So there you go...a few tips from me to you. Not that I can claim to be any kind of expert, but still. Tips are always helpful.
Anonymous said...

I can only think about that Friends episode when Monica & Chandler are annoyed by that couple in front of them at the airport who keep making out instead of moving forward in the line. Then they keep getting all those freebies because they're on their honeymoon, and Monica & Chandler get pissed and the couple is like, "We just wanna be together. We don't really care about all the stuff." And then Chandler's like, "Yeah...we need the stuff." Haha. Love it.

Interesting tip on the whole ceremony kiss thing. I have to admit, I have never thought about it. But I guess kissing on your couch when nobody is taking pictures is way different from kissing on a stage with everybody watching AND someone taking pictures. So thanks for the heads up!