The Final Stages


This morning, Jordan a few hours off work, and we got this (note: us both wearing red was not planned):

Just in case you were wondering, the desk for getting a marriage license is right next to the desk for divorces. Maybe to remind sad people of what was and happy people of what could be if they aren't serious about getting serious.

Jordan and I didn't even make it all the way up to the desk before a women walked toward us and said, "Marriage license?"
I laughed. "Are we that obvious?"
She smirked. "All you guys are."

Made me wonder if the person running the next desk over could say the same thing.

We filled out a bunch of papers, and I found out that to change my middle name from Ellen to Reese, I have to pay $120 to file with a lawyer. The only thing I can do on a marriage license is change my last name. Well crap.

It only cost us $5 to get our license instead of $50 because we'd gone through pre-marital counseling. I guess $45 isn't worth it to some people, but I personally think everyone should go through counseling anyway, even if you don't get a discount--which you do, so my point is irrelevant.

I signed my new name on the paper, and it was weird. Bumgarner has only four more letters than Reese, but it seems like it takes forever to write.

When we left the courthouse, I made Jordan stand outside and take a picture. He got horribly embarrassed, but when I reminded him that we will only do this once in our lives, he said, "All right," in a resigned tone and dutifully took his place outside the courthouse sign. He's such a trooper, that guy.

Anonymous said...

Premarital counseling knocks FORTY-FIVE dollars off the cost of the marriage license? Wow. Impressive. Though I must say, I can understand why many couples don't do it. It's not because they don't necessarily see the value of counseling, but if they aren't Christians or don't attend church regularly, they would have to pay for counseling. Pastors usually only counsel their own church members free of charge, and some don't even do that. So in the end, they may be saving money because regular counseling sessions run upwards of $50 PER session.

However, as you mentioned - a moot point because I agree that everyone should get counseling, no matter what.

Also - you look like your brother Austin in that pic. Weird. Not weird in a weird way. Weird in a "oh yeah, well, they ARE related" kind of way.

Happy 2 days until! Enjoy your last 2 days as a single woman!