Flashback Friday--Jeans and Saxophones


Remember when I said middle school was not kind to me? Well that's obviously because I was still digging 1991-style jeans long after they were stylish (were they ever really stylish, though?).

Also pretty sure I'm rocking my Mickey Mouse watch that my grandma gave me for Christmas one year.

Oh yes, and let's take the attention off me for a moment and focus on my brother and his saxophone. This is one of the only pictures that exists of him playing it. Why? Because his musical days didn't last long. We still make fun of him for how bad he was...which sounds mean, I know. But he really was bad. He'll tell you that himself.

But really, can anything be worse than those jean overalls? 
I suppose only the fact that I remember loving them and wearing them everywhere.

Lauren said...

It could be worse... http://www.joe-ks.com/archives_apr2006/HillbillyOveralls.jpg

Anonymous said...

I rocked some denim overalls for a while. But it was no later than 1996. If you're in middle school, it sounds like you might've been doing it around 1999 or so? If that's the case, then I think you're good. As long as it didn't spill into 2000 and beyond. :)


Amanda said...

Audra, you are exactly right. 1999 it was. January of '99, to be exact. So I still had a whole year of overalls ahead of me.