Tennis Exhibition with Andy Roddick


A month or so ago, I bought tickets to see Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish play an exhibition tennis match here in OKC. I was super pumped to get the chance to see two top men's players. 

And it was just as awesome as I expected. I couldn't believe I was actually seeing people in real life that I'd only ever seen on TV. 

Mardy Fish and Andy Roddick have been good friends since they were teenagers, so there was a lot of good old-fashioned joking going on. And then Andy Roddick started imitating other tennis players, which was hilarious. Especially when he stuffed two towels into his shorts and pretended to be Serena. 

It cost a fairly good penny out of my budget for the month, but it was so worth it. 

Andy Roddick going up for a serve. Awesomeness.
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Black and White Wednesday
Heidi said...

Yeah! Awesome. I love black and white action shots. And this looks like it WAS totally worth stretching the budget for! Thanks for linking up Amanda!

Adrienne said...

We got the chance when we were living in Paris to actually GO TO the french open a couple of times (thanks to people who knew people). Memories for a life time, I'm telling you! Love this! Visitning from Heidi's bw wednesday. I'll be back!