On Thursday night, it was cold for maybe the first time ever.
Okay, not really ever. But it's been an crazy hot summer, and when it dropped below 60 I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself. 

This will be my first winter living with Jordan. And I guess now that we're all married and stuff (and because it was cold), he felt it was time to bust out his flannel pajama pants. Maybe I'd seen them before, but in any case, I didn't remember. 

So I was quite surprised to walk into the bedroom and find this:

I shouted, "Oh my gosh you're so cute!" and then immediately ran to get my camera, yelling, "Don't move!" over my shoulder. (Even at the time I realized I was being dramatic, but I didn't care. Something about post 9 p.m. makes me crazy.)

So I came back and annoyed him by taking multiple pictures in an attempt to get my settings right so the picture wasn't so dark.

"Those are so cute!" I said. "What do they have...dogs on them?"
"Yeah," he said, rolling his eyes at me from over the top of his book. "I told my mom I wanted a dog....instead, she got me these."

It was the saddest, funniest, and cutest thing I think I've ever heard him say.

Then I interrupted his book reading even further by making him take a picture with me. 

Then I said, "Okay, I'll go now."
And he said, "Thank you" and pushed me off the bed.

But instead of being offended, I just laughed at him and took another picture.
Anonymous said...

best marriage story you've told so far. LOVE IT. poor jordan. not getting a dog :(

Amanda said...

Yes! Glad you like it. I told Jordan I was going to post the picture of him in his pjs, and he said, "Good grief." So I was feeling self-conscious about the post. I appreciate your support :)