What Are the Odds?


Jordan and I read in bed every night before we go to sleep. Due to the nature of my job and the fact that I read all day long, I turn my light off long before Jordan does. But I at least like to read a chapter or two.

It just so happened that for the last month or so, Jordan and I have both been reading George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. I'm just starting on book 1, and he's reading book 5--the most recent release and the book that sparked my decision to jump in and begin the series myself. 

It's a bit comical, actually--two people lying next to each other every night reading different books from the same series. But it's not like we planned it.

I started my book before he started his. And as I said, I don't read as much as him each night, though sometimes I stay in bed late on a Saturday morning and read for a few hours. We never really kept track of how far along each of us was in our respective novel, nor did we ever consider the pace at which we were moving through the book. 

So what are the odds that last night we finished reading within 5 minutes of each other? 
Seriously. Jordan read the final pages of A Dance with Dragons, sighed, and said, "Wow. I don't even know what to think. I'm sad it's over."

Not even 5 minutes later, I read the final pages of A Game of Thrones, sighed, and said, "That was crazy."

And indeed it was. 
We didn't try to finish at the same time. 
We never even thought about it.

What are the odds?
Maybe I'm the only one who's amazed by this.

Or maybe this is only the first step toward being one of those married couples who wears matching Hawaiian shirts to the airport.
Anonymous said...

ew. PLEASE don't become THAT couple. ew.

(the other day, LF and I went to a soccer game together, and when he came to pick me up, we realized we were both wearing KU shirts - totally unplanned. on one hand, I thought it was kinda cute. but the other hand wanted to vomit and not be that couple. in the end, we had no choice but to be that couple because he was picking me up at a church, not at home, so I couldn't go change. but it wasn't that bad. it's not like they were the SAME KU shirt. and, I think we ended up looking pretty cute together in the end!)

moral of the story: same-team shirts that don't actually match? acceptable. shirts that DO match? not that acceptable. hawaiian shirts? NEVER acceptable under any circumstances.


PS my word verification is "mamaki," which to me, in this moment (maybe because of the content of my comment), sounds like a hawaiian word. weirdness.

Amanda said...

1. I love how your main comment was in parenthesis. But then your "moral of the story" wasn't. Yet without the parenthetical story, there would be no story to add a moral to.

2. Crazy word verification. It DOES sound Hawaiian!

3. I find it amusing that you didn't actually comment on the POINT of this post--the book thing :)

4. I will NEVER wear matching Hawaiian shirts. Never.

Anonymous said...

1. You know, I debated about whether to put the moral of the story outside the parentheses for that very reason. Ultimately, the reason I did it was that the parenthetical comment had just become too long.

3. Yeah, sorry about that. I found that I just wasn't THAT interested in or awed by the whole finishing-the-different-books-from-the-same-series-at-the-same-time thing. But I really wanted to comment because I felt like it had been ages since I commented.


PS what do you do when you can't READ the word verification!