Miscellany Monday


--On Friday I left my keys at work, so Jordan and I spent all weekend trading keys. This morning I came to work and found my keys....in my purse. This may or may not have happened to me before. I don't want to talk about it.

--On Saturday I finished the last page in our wedding scrapbook! It took just over a year to finish; I think I started it last July. (See the whole thing HERE.) 
Here's the final page--a tribute to the parents we came from and the wonderful example of marriage they've set for us.

Here's the last page. Notice anything wrong with this photo? 
Like a dummy, I put the wrong wedding date in my own wedding scrapbook! Who does that?
Don't worry. I fixed it back to year 2011. But seriously. Way to go, me.

--I've absolutely loved watching the Olympics for the last two weeks, but it will be nice to get back to a normal bedtime routine--where I go to bed at 9:00 as opposed to midnight. Falling asleep at work hasn't been winning me any brownie points with my new boss. It's okay, though, because Jordan's so nice to me. When I told him I was excited to get to bed earlier, he replied, "Yeah, and now you can get more beauty sleep." 

What a guy.

Oh, and in spirit of the Olympics, a friend showed me this hilarious speed walking video from the 2010 youth Olympic games. If you think speed walking is funny, you should watch this. You're welcome.

--Last week I checked out the book Devil in the White City from the library. It's nonfiction, set in the 1890s in Chicago, and it's about the building of the World's Fair...and about a serial killer. It's really good, but I can't read it at night because it gets too scary. (I'm not a weirdo reading books about serial killers, okay. There's other stuff in it as well.) Anyway, I found the slip from the person (a Lee Wells) who checked out this book before me. Apparently this person checked out:

The Devil in the White City
Knitted Accessories
Wild about Flowers!

Anyone else think that's an odd pairing?

--THIS website is pretty cool. It tells you when the golden hour is so you can take outdoor pictures during the best light. 

--Last night I watched The Biggest Loser on Netflix while I made a pound of puppy chow. But don't worry. I ran a 5k on Saturday night so it's okay. Right?

Okay I think that's all the randomness I've got. Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Since those speedwalkers are finishing 3 miles WALKING faster than I can run 3 miles, I am going to refrain from poking fun at them (and go sit in a corner and cry now).


Lauren said...

Not gonna lie...speedwalking is one of my favorite sports to mock, but I still wish I could move that quickly at such distances.