OKC Bucket List: Pops on Route 66


Last weekend one of my best friends was in town visiting from Illinois with her fiance. I wanted to take them somewhere cool--something that was a local Oklahoma thing, and I immediately thought of Pops. It's a rather famous diner located off historic Route 66, but the really fun part is that they carry almost every kind of soda pop you can think of--more than 600 flavors. 
The food was good, albeit a bit pricy for a diner in the middle of nowhere. But the pop was the main event, and it did not disappoint. Jordan and I got a 6-pack of assorted sodas. Pops has regular flavors, but they also have weird ones. One time Jordan was working on a job in Arcadia and went to Pops on his lunch break. He brought back a bottle of Sweet Corn soda. I might as well have been drinking butter. Gross.
But it was a fun place to go to--definitely the Oklahoma tourist spot I was looking for and a check off my OKC bucket list. We went at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday trying to wait out the lunch crowd, but it was still packed. People drive from all over to go to Pops, so I guess there's no way around waiting a little bit for a table.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, I didn't actually get any pictures of Jordan, Justine, Curtis, or myself inside Pops. Photography fail. 

I did get one of Justine and I, just to prove she even came to visit at all.

Pops on Route 66. If you're ever in Oklahoma, you should check it out. 
Unknown said...

Hey~ I was happy to see you stopped at my site, and now I'm happy to find your beautiful place.
I'll look forward to seeing more of it! You're adorable.