Streaking, Zombies, and NASCAR


Question: what do streaking, zombies, and NASCAR have in common? 
Answer: each of these are, in respective order, some part of a race I've signed up for in the coming months.

I haven't posted about running in a while, maybe not even since I wrote about my third half marathonYou know, the one where I swore off running forever. Instead of quitting, I did the exact opposite and signed up for two 5ks and my fourth half marathon. Because despite what I like to say when I'm being dramatic, I really do like running.

Here's what I've got lined up this year: 
Race #1: 
August 11--5k Midnight Streak
[go here for more info]

This race is actually neither at midnight or a literal streak. It's at 11:00 pm, and it's a streak because of how fast I'll be running...faster than a cheetah. And my brother is going to run it with me! I know a 5k isn't anything to write home about, but I wanted to see how it was to run at night in OKC. I'm considering borrowing Jordan's headlamp to wear. 
Good idea?

Race #2: 
October 6--The Dirty 30, Zombie Edition
[go here for more info]

This race is going to be epic. EPIC I tell you. These are the T-shirts, if that's any indication:
It's basically a three-mile obstacle course. Ropes and mud and whathaveyou.
Oh, and there will be zombies chasing us. You can sign up to be a runner or a zombie. If you're the latter, you get dressed up with face paint. The runners are wearing belts with flags on them, and the zombies try to steal the flags. I signed up to run, and hopefully I'll escape the zombies!

Did I mention this is going to be epic? And Jordan's doing it with me! You can't understand how excited I am about this until you understand how many times I've failed at getting Jordan to sign up for things with me. 

Race #3:
October 27--"No Limits" Half Marathon in Fort Worth, TX
[go here for more info]

This race is going to be pretty cool. It'll be my fourth half marathon, which is awesome, and it's held on the Texas motor speedway. I don't watch NASCAR, I still think it will be fun to run on the track and cross the finish line at the checkered flag. At this point I'm not planning on trying to get a certain time like I did for my third half. I want to enjoy it and have fun and not worry about time. Plus, the race is only a 5k or a half marathon, so I'll be doing the longest length and feel extra awesome. 

So that's what's going on in my world of running.
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