My Drive Home


To say I had a rough summer would be a bit of an understatement. Personally, things were going well, but it was tough professionally. In July I quit the job I'd had for four years and started something new. The reasons for leaving what I would consider to be my dream job are not something I want to share here, but what I will tell you is that the transition was rough for me. 

The biggest thing I had trouble with was the schedule. It sounds silly, but I had a really hard time adjusting to an 8-5 schedule. At my previous job, I got off at 4, plus I was much closer to home. At my current job I am farther away from home and I work an hour later every day. My six-minute commute turned into 40, and I wasn't happy about it.

It felt as though the best part of my evening was chopped off, and Jordan can tell you I was in a terrible mood every single day when I got home. As time went on, it wasn't so bad, and thankfully I stopped being completely mean and grouchy all the time. But I still wasn't happy about getting home so late. 

Then the time changed for fall back, and I was even more annoyed. It was going to be so dark outside when I got home, I thought. What a waste. 

But guess what? 

Every day I drive home, and for 40 minutes every day I get to watch the sun set. When I leave work, it's starting, and it's just going beneath the horizon when I get home.
I know being thankful for a sunset is pretty cliche. 
But I really am finding so much joy in the beautiful colors I get to see every single day. One day last week I even found myself hoping for a red light so I could stare at it a little bit longer. 

Don't get me wrong. Traffic isn't fun, and my gas is taking a hit with this longer commute. 
But I am blessed, and I have so much to thankful for. 
Particularly this November, I'm thankful for my drive home.
Anna Brain said...

Oh wow! Soooo beautiful photos!! :)

Helene said...


wow, what a perfect view, I am jealous. I understand what you mean about schedules with your job. I need flexibility.

Heidi said...

Ugh, I feel ya on this one. I am currently at home with the girls during the day and then I head out to work just as Jay comes home. With the time change I am driving to work as the sun sets and driving home in the pitch black. Oh, but the summertime is a different story. I roll down the windows and watch the sky change as I head back home to my loves. It's the little things that help us get through the big changes, and I will take a sunset cliche for the win every time. These are beautiful photos Amanda.

Mimsie said...

Maybe another dream job will come available when you least expect it. In the meantime, your attitude is commendable!

Allison said...

It's the little things like a sunset or the fact that the sun even comes up that people take for granted and forget to be thankful for. You are wise to soak in the little moments like that!

Katie said...

that would be really hard for me too! I have a short short commute and that would take some adjusting! but that picture is gorgeous and I'm glad you can find something to be thankful for about an usually unemployable thing!