Oklahoma Fall Smack Talk and a Hula Hoop


So, for the past few months I've been all, "Oklahoma, you suck at fall. Your leaves don't change colors. They just fall dead to the ground."

Apparently I just had to wait until November. Oklahoma is behind in the times. 
We still drive around in covered wagons, you know.
And we fly Confederate flags. 
And carry pistols in our pockets. 

Now that I've made you afraid to come visit, I will tell you that a few weekends ago a few friends and I drove up to Kansas for a wedding. That's when I learned that northern Oklahoma knows what's up with fall.

*Excuse the semi-blurry car photos, but the truth had to be told.
Then we got to Kansas, and the leaves were more brown, but whatevs, right? It was an outdoor wedding in November. And the weather was actually nice. 
I've lived in Oklahoma for 4 years now, and the only thing I've figured out about the weather is that it's impossible to figure out. Even the weatherpeople don't know what's going on most all of the time. 
And then it ended, as most weddings do, with a girl in a short skirt and her boyfriend's suit jacket alone on the dance floor twirling a glowing hula hoop.

That she brought with her to the wedding.
It's Oklahoma. 
I can almost promise you no one ever knows what's going on.
Veronica Lee Burns said...

Haha I love this post! I've lived here four years too and I totally agree...nothing makes sense, and the weather, well you can't ever prepare for it!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. You claim to be making fun of Oklahoma, but didn't most of the things you're making fun of happen in Kansas? The leaves were brown in Kansas, and the weird hula hoop at the wedding happened in Kansas... Right?

Poor Oklahoma. They get the blame for things that don't even happen inside their borders! When will that poor state get the love and attention it deserves?

Okay, maybe I'm being a tad dramatic. But seven years in Oklahoma did give me a fondness for it. Apparently more of a fondness than 18 years in Kansas gave me for THAT state. Ha. Whoops.


LeAnna said...

Yeah, don't you be blaming Oklahoma for some crazy Kansan twirling a twinkly hula hoop. She can't help the fact she lives in the 2nd most boring state, ever. Right above the 3rd most boring state, ever and just below THE most boring state, ever.

Lins @ Country Roots City Living said...

Hey I just found your blog! I just moved to Oklahoma a little over a month ago! The hubs and I grew up in Indiana! A few things I have learned 1. Its way windy all the time! 2. No good place to get pizza, which sucks! 3. The weather changes all the time! :)


Helene said...

WOW these photos are gorgeous, not blurry at all!! and I feel like the weather in Texas is so unpredictable too.

The Lady Okie said...

I DO seem to be making fun of Kansas. I am not entirely sure how that happened. I feel fondness as well; it's just moving slow.

I did love all the trees we saw in KC when Kalyn and I visited you last year!

henning love said...

i miss crunchy leaves during fall, here there isn't much crunch. also next time i think i will bring a glow in the dark hula hoop with me to a wedding it looks awesome

Jodie said...

I just came across your blog and I'm SO glad I did!!!! I'm and Okie too!! I love meeting new people especially if they live in the same state!! I can't wait to get to know!!!


Laura Morgan said...

I didn't know fall leaves we're really a thing until I moved to New Jersey, Th Garden State. I was sorely disappointed my first fall back here in OK because it was so ugly. This year, though, I've actually noticed significantly more coloring of the leaves. Since my commute is 1:15 (hours:minutes), I may just be telling myself I have pretty trees to look at, though...
I love your reference to the hula hooper. That was one of th trip's hghlights for me. Weddings from here on just won't feel complete without that amount of awkwardness.

Meg said...

I am so glad you have pictures of the hula hooper from my wedding. In my defense, I do not know her. And she is from St. Louis. And we all know about the strange rangers that St. Louis produces.