A Hundred Pictures of Leaves


You know those bloggers who take a hundred pictures of leaves and then post them on their blog because they think you'll be interested in a hundred pictures of leaves?

I hate those bloggers.
Oh, hey, by the way, check out the hundred pictures I look yesterday of leaves!

No but seriously. Look at them. I promise I did nothing to them. No editing. Nada. The lighting was gorgeous. Why can't I find this kind of lighting when I take pictures of people? I don't know, but the leaves were working it for me. 
I keep writing about leaves on this blog (like here and here), and I don't know why. I think maybe it's because I'm missing Illinois a lot this year. I miss my friends, and this year is also the first Thanksgiving since my grandma went to be with Jesus. I've been missing her lately. Missing her makes me thankful for family this year, as always. And I'm also thankful for sunsets and leaves. 

With that said, I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. My family is organizing a 5k turkey trot in our neighborhood for the second year in a row. Last year we had 187 people run. This year we have almost 700 registered. Please pray for us. If you don't know, runners are all sorts of crazy. 

I'm the official photographer for the race, so I'll be sure to share pictures next week. Until then, don't go shopping on Black Friday! You might get trampled. It's a serious concern.
Laura Morgan said...

Those are fabulous shots! Seriously.
Good luck at the run!
And can I just say: Black Friday right after the open carry law is in effect = absolutely not.

Helene said...

good luck with the run!!! your pictures are just gorgeous. love them!

Geoff Reese said...

The leaves are stunning.

Your grandma was a great lady and an amazing mom. I'm missing her too.

You just keep right on doing what you do. She was always proud of you and you know I am too.

LeAnna said...

GORGEOUS! You should make these into a calender of leaves. A leaf calender? Yes. Because here in Oklahoma you don't get to enjoy leaves for long...because they are on the tree one day and then in another state the next.

Also, true statement by first commenter. Black Friday + Open Carry = Stay Home. I haven't been shopping on Black Friday since having kids. I like to say it's because I value my life and would like to mother them as long as possible, but really it's because I like to sleep in...

Ali W. said...

hahaha you are so funny. I love these pictures of leaves. It's fun to see all the different angles you took. Good luck with the run! :) That sounds like so much fun!