Marathon Training: Week 16--ONE WEEK TO GO!


And so the countdown begins.

I had a dream about the marathon last night. I won't be surprised if I have marathon dreams all week long for as much as I've been thinking about it. 

Sixteen weeks ago I made myself a running schedule and put it up on the fridge. At least 3 days/week I've crossed off my training runs, moving farther down the calendar as the weeks passed. Now, my first marathon is exactly one week from today. 

I will save the rest of my thoughts for a pre-race post later on this week, but for now, here's a picture of my dad and I. We ran 8 miles together on Saturday for our last long run. 

Not many people get to say they ran a marathon with their dad. I'm so proud of him. 
We run to be healthy. We run because we can. We run to remember. 

Mimsie said...

Love those smiles!

Kaylin said...

You can do it!!!! So impressed with your 16 mile time!!!