What My Dad Told Me


Day 25 | Something someone told you once about yourself that you'll never forget

Today I'm coming at you from Minnesota! It's a girls' Memorial Day weekend trip with my college roommates and best friends, and we're going to hit up Mall of America at some point. Any MN bloggers out there? (Quick note for any potential looters: Jordan is at home this weekend, and we own a gun, so don't get any ideas.)

Anyway, I'll keep this short and sweet. When I read this prompt, the first thing that came to mind was something my dad once told me. I don't remember when it was or where we were or anything other than what he said, although I do know it was many years ago.

My dad told me that I had a beautiful smile.

Whether or not I actually do isn't the question, and I'm certainly not fishing for compliments. I've said before that I have terrible skin and in general shy away from people touching my face in any capacity, including my husband. I also think I have a large nose and don't like my profile. 

So for me, this type of compliment really hit home, which is probably why it's stayed with me.

I don't even know if my dad remembers telling me that, but I've never forgotten it.

So thanks, Dad.

After finishing our marathon!

Breenah said...

I do love how happy you look when you smile. It exudes from you :)

Anonymous said...

HOW SWEET!!! He was totally right, by the way!! Also- I lived in Austin, Minnesota for six years. I've been to the Mall of America a few times. Is there still a Camp Snoopy? I have vague memories of riding some sort of tiny roller coaster there!
Have fun!!!!!
& that wedding picture..... so so so so lovely.

Miss Jewells said...

Love this, so sweet!

And welcome to Minnesota! I feel like I should apologize for our crappy weather this weekend though. Hope you have a fun girls weekend - you can never go wrong with the MOA :)

Ashlee Francois said...

I'm from Minnesota...enjoy the mall!! It's awesome :) Check out como park zoo...and the Shout House down town :)

Have fun!


Unknown said...

Sweet post! It's so wonderful to get compliments from those we're closest to. This was a good reminder that although we may see someone all the time, we need to really "see" them and make sure they know how beautiful they are to us. :)

Allison said...

Have so much fun!!!! And you do have a pretty smile. :)

Ashley said...

Hi Amanda! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!


Elizabeth said...

so sweet! i love that your dad has been such a blessing in your lfie!

Hannah said...

You have a gorgeous smile. I love how your face lights up when you're excited!