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Day 31 | A Vivid Memory

As I mentioned in Tuesday's post full of pictures, for Memorial weekend, three friends and I met in Minnesota for a fun girls' weekend. The days were filled with laughter, wine, and dessert, but what I will probably remember most is the terrifying moment when I was standing in the Oklahoma airport security line and realized I had left my contacts at home. 

My contacts. The life blood of my eyes. 
I am SO blind without them. Like, everything more than 5 inches from my face is a blurry shape blind. 

With all my travels, I'm a little shocked this hasn't happened to me before (and by "all my travels" I mean driving 3 hours to visit my parents in Dallas); but seeing as how I'm paranoid about making sure I always pack my contacts, the fact that I'd forgotten them made me certain the Lord was coming and the end was near.

I wear my glasses at night when my eyes get tired, but I hate wearing them during the day, and my dismay was great upon realizing I would have to wear them for four days straight during girls' weekend, when the entire point is to look cute at all times. (No offense to those who wear glasses all the time; I just don't personally like wearing mine every day.)

So I called Jordan immediately and demanded that he overnight them to me. I estimated that it would cost about $20, and you should know that I am quite possibly the cheapest person ever. But $20 to have my eyes was WORTH IT.

The total was $19.95. I am a genius.
They arrived Saturday morning at 11:00. Two thumbs up for the USPS and twenty dollars well spent.

I was, however, forced to wear my glasses all day Friday and half the day Saturday, which also happened to be when we took the most pictures, so that was great. A few times I took them off for the picture because I was hoping there would be no evidence and we could eventually forget the whole thing had ever happened.

Like this one in front of the weird/cool sculpture of a spoon and a cherry. My glasses are in my pocket, and I can't see what I'm smiling at. But I know I look awesome.

And isn't looking awesome really what it's all about? 
Lesson learned: you can't put a price on fashion. 
Or eyesight.
Well, actually you can put a price on it: $19.95

Also, I really should look into Lasik now, right? I think it might be a sign. Anyone out there had Lasik? I've heard good things.

Anonymous said...

I GOT LASIK!!! I had vision very similar to yours... I used to describe the "hand close to my face" thing and how everything got blurry from about five inches and beyond. It was awful. Since I got lasik, my world has literally opened up. It was worth it. The doctor I went to offers no interest if it's all paid within two years. Each month we pay our bill, I never wonder if I did the right thing. YOU SHOULD DO THIS. My quality of life has gone way up. :) I want to see you in the glasses, though!!

Breenah said...

I have contacts I can sleep in and I'm pretty sure that's the only reason I've never forgot mine because I also suffer from a five inch sight. Jarrod's eyes aren't as bad as mine, but considering everybody on my dad's side of the family has/had prescriptions in the double digits (and I'm on my way there) Quinn is SCREWED.

Also, you still look cute even though you had no idea what you were smiling at :)

Anonymous said...

I got PRK done and I wouldn't change it for anything! Anything more than 2 inches from my face was blurry and I too only liked wearing my contacts. When I could see clearly after the surgery I got all teary eyed I was so happy.

PRK is, I think, a little more expensive, but it is more accurate and custom to each eye. I definitely recommend it.

Saba said...

Hahahaha I feel the exact same way about my glasses - absolutely hate them! to the point that I rarely bother with changing them as my eyesight changes. I've heard great things about LASIK and I should just get it but a part of me thinks that if I do then my 15 yrs of wearing contacts is money down the drain. So my wise ass thinks I should continue to spend money on contacts (cuz that's not a waste). Glad you got your contacts. Ppl with good eyesight just.don't.get.it.

Also, I have contacts I can sleep in so if I'm travelling or overnight for a day then I just don't remove them and that way guarantee they're in my eyes!!



Tracy said...

I had Lasik done at Clear Sight in OKC. Within 8 hours I could read the crawl on the bottom of the tv. So glad I finally decided to do it.

Found your blog on the Oklahoma Blog Crawl.