the time my dad put tape on his forehead


This post could alternatively be titled "The Post Where I Stop Talking About My Marathon"

I really just want to leave my marathon post up for, I don't know, another 6 years maybe. Or until the fact that I ran a marathon stops being awesome, whichever comes first (probably 6 years). But I'm working off the correct assumption that I'm the only one who wouldn't get sick of that. So, for those of you who haven't had the joy of reading a hilarious Reese Family Story, allow me to amuse you.

It seems like every time I visit my family in Texas, I come back with a ridiculous story. It's lucky that I carry my camera around like the child I don't have yet or else I don't know that anyone would even believe me.

However, as you can see, my dad really did put tape on his forehead.
Here's why.

I went home for a quick 24 hours a few weeks ago for my sister's 16th birthday. On Thursday, we were waiting for my aunt and uncle to show up for cake and ice cream, so we decided to play a game of Rack-o. (If you haven't played it before, I recommend it. Works for as little as 2 and as many as you want as long as you make teams.)
My parents, sister, and one brother (my other brother couldn't make it home that night from school) were playing Rack-o while wearing birthday tiaras and hats. You know, normal Thursday night stuff.

My parents were dominating as usual (they are always a team, and they always win), and I happened to look over at my brother, particularly his forehead.

Note: other people's foreheads are the mundane types of things that interest me when I'm currently losing during family game night.

So I shouted, "Hey! You have a huge forehead crease!"
He did not find that amusing, as you can imagine. "What do you mean, forehead crease?" he said as he raised his eyebrows and creased his forehead.
"You know," I said. "When you raise your eyebrows, you get a crease in your forehead. Yours is huge."

Then I tried to take a picture, which he didn't like. Maybe because he knew I would blog about it later. I get that a lot, actually.
They might have a point.

So that started a heated conversation about forehead creases. I already have an opinion about it because Jordan has two HUGE forehead creases, and it freaks me out thinking about him as an old man (in regards to his forehead; not just in general). I just look at his forehead creases and imagine him having this really droopy forehead where you can't even see his eyes and it's just kind of a huge flap of forehead skin.
I'm just being honest. These are the things that keep me up at night.

In an odd way, it's actually comforting to know I can still worry about things like this even when I don't have a job. Not that I can do anything about it (the creases, not the job).

No one knew what I was talking about until I showed them my forehead and the fact that I hardly have any creases. When I raise my eyebrows, my forehead just crinkles; but my dad and brother (and Jordan) have some impressive creases.

We may or may not have stalled the game for the next five minutes to take turns raising our eyebrows and examining the various amounts of forehead crease while my mom laughed at us.

Then, I told them about a friend's friend's mom who was trained as a young child to not use her eyebrows. Her mom would put a piece of tape across the girl's forehead so she could feel when she moved her eyebrows and wrinkled her forehead. As a result, my friend's friend's mom is now in her 60s and looks like she's 20 because her face is so smooth. However, she also doesn't use her eyebrows and therefore shows very little facial expression at all.

Everyone thought that was a stupid story, but I swear it's true.

No one noticed my dad disappear during the story, but all of the sudden he reappeared at the table, straight-faced and sporting tape on his forehead. We all looked at him, and he said, "What?" like there wasn't anything at all strange about him sitting there calmly playing Rack-o with masking tape on his face.

I told him at this point it was too late to train himself to not use his eyebrows.
He was sad.

Once we convinced him that his forehead creases were there to stay, my sister reached over and ripped a piece off without warning. It made quite a terrible sound, and my dad nearly fell off the bench. Then he took the rest of the tape off his forehead because, you know, it was weird.

So that's the story of the time my dad put tape on his head. 
And also a story about eyebrows and old men.
And about photobombing. This picture cracks me up.

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Jamie said...

I love Racko!! Also, this is a very funny story...glad to know I'm not the only one with a crazy family :)

Anonymous said...

Does your family ever play Farkle?? It's the best game ever!! We're big game people, too. It's a hoot every time. This post was hilarious and close to home because I have a sister who probably WISHES my mom had put tape on her forehead growing up. She is obsessed with the wrinkles she thinks she has. She is the oldest and has the smoothest skin of us all, just doesn't see it that way. Also- it's SO weird to think of all of us being old. Just like you pictured Jordan's crazy droopy forehead, I have this vision of Greg's ears being like an elephant... and me having to trim them. Wow. It's gonna be weird.

Geoff Reese said...

Hey wait a minute. In that photo bomb pic I think I see a crease in your forehead. You better get the tape out!

I love reading your blog. Especially this one because it's about me.

Ash said...

My mom and I love Racko!

Niken said...

that looks fun! my dad would definitely do it too.

The Lady Okie said...

YES! I play Farkle all the time! We love it.

Hannah said...

I love your family. These pictures are hilarious. Great story!

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

Well, now I know that we can never be real life friends since my forehead canyons will just be too much for you to handle. I liked to think people didn't notice, but you've just proven me wrong. ;)

And Rack-O?? Never heard of it but going to have to give a try! I'm a gamer all the way!