You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!


Being that I have no job right now, last weekend I decided to throw caution to the wind and spend three days with my family at the lake. My entire family is on spring break right now, so it was perfect timing (perfect timing as far as firings go, anyway... see how I make jokes?). 

We stayed at our aunt and uncle's lake house in the great state of Texas, and it was like camping but without tents. Mom brought the fixin's, Dad smoked a pork butt on the grill, and the six of us hung out for 3 days. Jordan had to work, so I just made sure to bring him up in every single conversation all weekend long. 

We also brought our dog, Wrigley. (Above.) He had fun at the lake too. 

Smoking a pork butt is an all-day process, so while we waited for the deliciousness, my dad pulled out the Red Ryder BB gun, set up a target with a water bottle and two pop cans (okay, actually it was a beer can and a pop can), and we had a friendly shooting competition. 
We decided on 5 rounds of 5 shots each, mostly because after 2 rounds my dad was mad that he was losing to everyone and wanted to give himself enough time to catch up. 

My sister came out of the gate like a bullet (pun INTENDED). She nailed 3 in a row while everyone else got 1 or none. Then my brothers of course made a dramatic comeback. Because they are good at everything. (Remember when my brother Austin ran a half marathon with NO training? They suck.)
I was behind for a while, and then there was the dramatic round 4 where I tied Austin for second. It came down to the final 5 shots. Daniel nailed 5 in a row and locked in first place. Austin pulled ahead into second, and it was Sarah and I battling it out for third. We tied and entered into a 3-shot shootout. Very tense. You had to be there. 

I ended up sliding into 3rd place by one shot. The crowd went wild! 

My mom and dad lagged behind, my dad protesting every bit of it, claiming that the gun wasn't working. His logic was obviously flawed, because we were all using the same gun. 

And, okay, so my mom was struggling a bit. She hit 2 out of the total 25 shots.
But then, after it was all over, Daniel decided to try long-range shooting from twice as far away as the previous shots. After each of us took a turn (and missed), we convinced my mom to try it.

She stepped up and said, "Maybe I should try shooting left handed this time." (She's a lefty but had been shooting right.) ...

 ....and nailed the water bottle on the first try to everyone's amazement, especially her own.

So that's how we discovered that: A) my mom should shoot left handed and B) she is a superior long-range shot.

My dad, however, is still claiming the gun was faulty. 

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Unknown said...

This is AWESOME! Love it! Glad you had a fun weekend with your family!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and great post, but I wanted to see more pics of Wrigley!


Niken said...

i've never shot. yet. i should try that i think. ha

that looks like a fun weekend!
i miss my family

Allison said...

Haha this is awesome. Your family sounds like fun. :)

Katie said...

how fun!! i want a house by the lake!