Where I Splurge on Basketball Tickets


Back in November, I bought Jordan and I tickets to see the Oklahoma City Thunder play the Utah Jazz at the Thunderdome in March. After months of waiting, the game night finally arrived last week.

If you're not from Oklahoma, I might not be able to properly explain the basketball craze that has completely taken over this state since the Thunder arrived from Seattle in 2008. As a sports fan myself, I love it. Who knew the NBA could be this much fun? Not since the days of Michael Jordan. 

Since the Thunder arrived to the sweeping plains, we've gone to see a game at least once a season. We even took my brother to see one. It's fun because there really isn't a bad seat in the house and, oh yeah, the Thunder are really good. Remember last year when they were in a little event called the NBA finals? (As a Cubs fan, I understand the fun involved with having a good team.)

We always buy tickets to sit in Loud City, aka the cheap seats, aka so far away it makes the 7-foot players look like ants. I'm always like, "They don't look that tall." And Jordan's like, "They wear a size 15 shoe and could step over you." Okay.

We have literally sat in the very last row up against the concrete, but this time I decided to splurge. Hello, lower level! I'm not even going to mention that the tickets are 2x face value. Not even going to mention it. 
These are the seats we hang out in 2 hours before the game is supposed to start while we look at all the rich people and wonder what it would be like to sit in such amazing seats. These pictures don't even do it justice. We were in the eleventh row, for crying out loud! 

I only wish I would have brought my good camera, but we're usually so far away it doesn't matter. 

And here's the thing about the expensive seats. There really are a lot of local celebrities you can say "so and so walked within 2 feet of me." Bob Stoops, coach of the Oklahoma Sooners, for one. Plus (and even better), there are a LOT of people you can make fun of. There was this fancy guy with his hair slicked back and a pink collared shirt with really tight pants, the too-tan news anchor, the fancy rich women in their 10-inch heels. It was a sideshow going on all game long. 
I sure won't be coughing it up for the good seats any time soon, especially now that I'm currently out of a full-time job. But for a special occasion, it was fun to live it up like the rich folk. 

What do you like to splurge on?

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Kate said...

Those ARE good seats!

We recently scored free tickets to a Timberwolves (don't worry--we're used to the heartbreak of MN sports) from a coworker of mine who couldn't attend the game due because his wife was having a baby (sucker). They weren't lower level, but they were center court seats--along with all the other season ticket holders! It was awesome! But it's funny that you say everyone was so fancy where you sat--we saw a bunch of people dressed up for a "night in the city" as we walked through the building, but everyone sitting next to us in the somewhat expensive seats were wearing hoodies! LOL!

Niken said...

i like basketball, but not as much as the Oklahomas as you mentioned it. i'm more a football person (and when i say football i'm not talking about rugby). that looks so fun though.

A Leigh said...

Thank you for this! I've been pondering whether to splurge on tickets for the Thunder v. Rockets game this upcoming Easter Sunday and literally typed into Google: "Is it worth it to splurge on basketball game tickets?" (haha), and sure enough this blog post came up. It's fate- I'm doing it. Thunder Up!!