My Style: Casual Friday


(So, funny story. I actually titled this post "Causal Friday" before I realized I would be posting it on Friday. Unintentional and awesome.)

There are a LOT of cute bloggers out there. I could list a whole post just talking about all the cute bloggers...and we're not just talking about single twenty-somethings. The worst of them are moms. These women have a child or multiple children to take care of, and they leave the house looking like they just stepped out of a magazine. 

Come on, people! I thought when you became a mom you were supposed to get frumpy and finally give the rest of us a chance. 

You want to know what I think? I think there are a distinct lack of sweatshirts featured in style posts. 

Sweatshirts are the spice of life, and they deserve some respect. 

Wanna know a little secret? My most favorite outfit of all consists of a pair of comfortable jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. No makeup, hair in a messy bun. Flip flops. This is real life, and this is my current go-to outfit. Everything about it is comfortable, but I like to think it still has a cute factor. (Don't tell me if it doesn't. Just let me live with my own delusions.)
Sweatshirt: American Eagle (outlet)
Jeans: MissMe (thrifted)
Shirt: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Ann Taylor
Flip flops: Old Navy

This is what you will find me in most days, and this is what I gravitate towards in the clothing store. My collection of jeans and sweatshirts could rival all y'alls. Amen.

What do YOU like wearing for Casual Friday? I'd love to know!
Betty said...

Well I don't work on Fridays so I usually stay in my pajamas for most of the morning until I go on my Friday run! And then I'm usually in workout clothes/running errand clothes until the evening. Extreme casual I guess! :) Have a great weekend!

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

You are so cute, Amanda! You are wearing what I live in when I'm not working. I used to live at a camp full-time and I was in a t-shirt and chacos everyday. I miss it!

henning love said...

sweatshirts are the comfort of life you are completely right about that! i am wearing my husband's sweatshirt right now it is oversized and very very comfy

Susannah said...

You do looks super cute. There's nothing wrong with wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. :-)

Alyson said...

My go-to outfits are always comfy jeans with a hoodie or if I'm feeling like dressing up maybe a sweater. And I live for flip flop days. Almost there!

Laura Darling said...

This is my style too! So glad you decided to showcase it! :)