currently: feeling dramatic.




people of the world wide web, hear this: 

there is nothing like losing your job to make you ultra dramatic about everything.
or, you know, just being a female.

one moment you're completely fine, waltzing around the room like you're on dancing with the stars. the next, you're sobbing into a kitchen towel. 
then, just as suddenly, you're shaking your fist at the sky while shouting, "WHYYYYYYY?"
then you're laughing hysterically and writing blog posts that don't make sense.

i'm not talking about this one. this one makes perfect sense. 

anyway, sometimes you start getting dramatic.
case in point: my dramatic tweets from last week, when i had the flu. (or thought i had the flu. i refused to go to the dr., so we never got a verified flu positive.)

I tried to think of something funny to say, but let's just be honest. I think I'm dying.

I haven't run since Monday. I doubt I'll ever be able to run again.

I was too busy fighting off the flu to make a bracket. Now that I'm on the mend, I wish the flu had just killed me.

see what i mean? 
and if you missed my dramatic and hilarious post about the flu, you are missing out on some of my best material. 

thank you, someecards, for being awesome. i love you forever.  


what it would be like to not wake up with a horrible pain in my stomach from all the stress. 
kind of.  
okay, no i'm actually being 100% serious. 


selling my kidney for money. 

how much do you think i'd get? seriously. i've never smoked (except that one time. don't tell my mom. well, actually she knows. but don't tell my dad for real.), and i don't drink (except those other times), so my kidneys should be in pretty good shape. right?


the sound of my future.


yes, that's right. NOTHING. 
there's nothing. 
silent as death.


NO WHERE. because our brilliant saving-for-a-down-payment-on-a-house plans have stalled. 

dear apartment, i guess we're stuck together for the foreseeable future. so please, for the love of meg ryan, stop burning out all the lightbulbs! one in the bathroom just went out yesterday. we are not replacing them. i'm serious this time.

okay, then.
it's like 9 hours past my bedtime. 

what have you been up to?
hopefully something awesome, for your sake.

- - -

Breenah said...

This made me laugh. We currently hate our apartment too, but I think we just hate apartments in general. We had to get a new dishwasher right after we moved in and they just had to come and fix the garbage disposal. If our heater acts up one more time I'm sure they'll have to fix/replace that too. I just want a house, dang it.

Randalin @ Harvesting Kale said...

Awww dude. I hope things start looking up for you soon. At least you're keeping a sense of humour. Or maybe you're not and I just think your misery is hilarious? Uh oh. I am a terrible person. Stop being so funny!

Jaimee @ Havenwood House of Boys said...

First - howdy! This is the first time I've visited you from the Currently link-up...Second - I'm glad I did, because you have an awesome sense of humor...Third - sorry about your job and stalled house plans and all that. Chin up! Things'll be on the upswing again, maybe even with something spectacular. I'm going to be coming back to visit your blog : )

Jamie said...

Girl, I feel your pain. I've never been fired, but it did take me a good year and change to actually find a job after I graduated from college. There is almost nothing more frustrating than not having a job. Something will come along soon enough though!!

Kate said...

If I ever get laid off again, I'm going to: 1) Work part-time at Starbucks because they offer health insurance and other awesome benefits 2) Learn how to write javascript, and 3) Shoot hoops every day until I'm AMAZING at it.

And probably sleep a lot.

Mimsie said...

You are too funny. I love reading your posts--we never know what you are going to come up with.

Niken said...

this makes me laugh!
okay. first thing first, i'm a freelancer, and i know how it feels without job. and sometimes it's okay for being dramatic. that until i started to buy everything within my reach. that's when my best friend shouted "stop being dramatic!" he knows me best.

Betty said...

This made me laugh...and made me feel less crazy for how I feel during my 'dramatic' moments! I definitely had quite a few of those this week as well. Hoping the next few weeks are less dramatic for you!!

OT and ET said...

Oh, honey! I love that you have a sense of humor about everything <3 Hang in there, you're clearly awesome. You'll find something soon and in the mean time, you seem to be entertaining yourself and others, so you're like a bonus for the universe!

Practical Traci said...

Sorry to hear about you job but glad you are in great spirits! You will find something soon, I'm sure of it! And I'm glad you survived the flu.

Geoff Reese said...

You smoked? Ugh! Okay, now I'm over it. Sell a kidney because I'm sure you've tarnished a lung and can't sell those.

Saba said...

You.Are.Hilarious! I know exactly how you feel (though wish I was as funny as you).

I tried looking for a way to email you a similar post I did (I didn't want to do unabashed self-promotion on your blog) but couldn't find an email so here is a link to me being dramatic: