The Time I Borrowed Jordan's Pants


I was browsing through pictures on my external hard drive last night and found some good ones. Pictures of events and places I thought I had forgotten. One such picture was from the one and only time I ever went paintballing, circa 2009. 
That was when the great love story that is Jormanda began. And it all started when I borrowed his pants.

Now let's get our minds out of the gutter, people. This isn't that kind of story. 

In the summer of 2009, my office decided it would be fun to pit the editors and illustrators against each other in a friendly game of paintball on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I'd never gone paintballing before, but as you know, mention the word game to me, and my competitive blood starts pumping. Add in guns, paint, and the potential of bruises and other injuries, and it was on like sprinkles on a cupcake. Or...something else intense. 
The only problem was that I didn't have paintball attire. No pants or shirts that would cover up my arms and legs and that I didn't care about ruining forever. But there was this boy. He was cute and had dimples, and we had just started hanging out, and one night I mentioned that I was going paintballing that weekend and didn't have anything to wear.

"I have some paintball pants and a jacket you could borrow," he said.
So I said yes before fully considering the facts: 

1) I really liked this boy
2) We had hung out alone a total of once
4) What if they didn't fit?
5) What if they DID fit?

I went to his apartment and picked up a pair of green pants and a jacket, and they fit. I never did decide if that was a good or bad thing. So I did what all girls do an overanalyzed the whole situation, continuing to arrive back at the only point that mattered: my first real interaction with the boy I really liked was to borrow his pants. 
I dominated at paintball (of course), and returned the jacket and pants to Jordan safe and sound. I don't think either of us has used then since, but it's a funny memory that I had completely forgotten about until I found a few old pictures on my computer. 

The End.
Anonymous said...

Did you love paintballing?? I have never been but I went to the gun range the other weekend with my brother and now I'm kind of obsessed with shooting.. Needless to say, my husband is a little worried.. Ha! Did it hurt getting shot with the paintballs? I don't know if I would like being the target... ;)

Allison said...

Aw I love this story!!! And paint balling is awesome! I want to go again this spring!!

Unknown said...

Haha. Good call not to over-analyze the pants too much

Anonymous said...

I totally remember this. And you totally overanalyzed way more than you let on in the post. :D Not that you weren't encouraged to. Those were fun days.

Remember when I used to make fun of him for saying he was "plum wore out" ?