A Currently Coffee Date (Where I Order Tea)


Some scenes from our trip to the zoo on Saturday!
It was giraffe feeding time.

If you and I were meeting for a cup of coffee, I'd say, "Heck no! Coffee is gross. Chai tea for me, please!" Then we'd get our drinks and find a cozy spot where we could have a nice chat, and I'd tell you what's been on my mind lately...

I used to never understand what people meant when they said, "There just aren't enough hours in the day." I always thought that was kind of silly. There are enough hours if we just use them wisely. 

I mean, I prioritize everything I do, so if I don't get something done, it's because I chose to do something else first. I can't blame the fact that I don't have enough time. I need to just be okay with the decisions I made about how I spent my time. Right?

But I think I get it now. Lately I've been feeling like there really aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I either want to do or need to do.

I want to go running and do my arm exercises.
I need to work on freelance editing projects.
I want to write blog posts.
I need to cook dinner.
I want to read books for fun.
I need to go to sleep.
I want to watch TV and crochet.
I need to do the dishes.
I want to hang out with Jordan. 
I need to go to work.
I want to respond to blog comments.
I need to respond to work emails.
I want to read other blogs.
I need to read my Bible. 
(And I want to read it too.)

Each of those things are valid needs and wants that realistically do not all fit into a twenty-four-hour period. And I don't even have a baby or a dog to take care of! Although I do have a husband, which some might say is the same thing. (Just kidding, Jordan!*) 

I also used to wonder why bloggers quit their blog. But I think I get that now too. As my list of needs and wants gets longer and longer, I find that blog-related ones are the easiest to set aside for another day. Most of the time I'm going to choose sleeping over blogging. Running over blogging. Hanging out with Jordan over blogging.

At this point in the conversation, you might set down your cup and eye me suspiciously. "Just where are you going with this?" you might ask.

And I'd say, "Don't worry! I'm not quitting my blog." And you'd say, "That's so good, because if I couldn't read your blog there would be no point in waking up in the morning." Or, you know, something equally as dramatic.

But, I would tell you, I have noticed myself slowing down a bit. I've never been a seven-day-a-week blogger, but I feel like lately I'm slipping into more like a two-day-a-week blogger. I'm not apologizing for it, because it is what it is. But then again, maybe I am apologizing. I do wish I could have more content for you to read lately.

So I guess this is me not apologizing.

After I got that off my chest, I would realize that I've just rambled on for a while, and you haven't gotten to say anything. Then I'd give you the long story short of what's been going on in my life currently.

Listening to the radio on my drives to and from work, and I am annoyed as can be by the insane number of repeated songs. Let's get some variety in here, people! I try to switch stations, but it's the same song again. What is happening? Do people even listen to the radio anymore? How about CDs? Maybe don't answer that.

I need to get another audio book from the library. After The Help, I picked up Lauren Graham's Someday Someday Maybe (narrated by the author) and finished it just last week. It was pretty good!

Reading The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss, the second in his trilogy. You can read my review of book one by clicking here. Basically, these books are good, and you should read them.

Wearing jeans to work EVERY DAY. Hashtag my job is better than yours. Also wearing $80 worth of clothes from my shopping spree at Banana Republic outlet. That store is my budget's kryptonite. 

I mean seriously. Check out this shirt I got last weekend. Originally $60. Got it for $17!
In a word: holler.

Eating all the ice cream. ALL OF IT. I bought a half gallon of Breyer's mint chocolate chip on Sunday, and it's already half gone. It's Tuesday. I don't want to talk about it. Why do people snort crack when a bowl of creamy mint goodness is just a short walk to the kitchen away? One of life's great unanswered questions.

Loving my Saturday morning run with the OKC running group! Is there anything better than watching the sun rise on a morning run? I really think not. Although when my alarm goes off at 5:30 on Saturday, I do wonder what the heck I was thinking.

Anticipating so many awesome things coming up this year. Running a 5k with my mom, my brother's wedding, missions trip, our anniversary, our birthdays, Tough Mudder... Those are just a few. 

I have a sneaky feeling my time is going to get squashed even more. I hope you guys stick around with me for all of it! And just bear with my random posting frequency. I'm way too deep into this blogging thing to quit now.

*But seriously.

What's one thing you're anticipating?
What would you tell me if we met for a coffee date?

shelleystirs said...

Oh, I am so looking forward to meeting my new niece in June, camping with our friends and their kiddos, and two family reunions (I love seeing my extended family).

If I were to join you for coffee, I would probably tell you how excited I am to drink a cup of coffee without having to reheat it multiple times.

Tracy said...

I would get tea too on our coffee date and I'm anticipating my next vacation...to Hawaii!

Maria said...

New reader! Hi ya!

If we were having coffee, I'd be ordering a chai as well. No coffee for me, please! I guess we don't know how to live ;)

I'm anticipating the family beach trip to North Carolina. Not the fighting over the bathrooms part, but the waking up to bacon frying and sleeping under a beach umbrella part.

Looking forward to reading more!

Kenzie Smith said...

I would probably join you in drinking a chai tea, it's fun to switch it up every once in a while. I would also nod my head along and agree with everything you said about there not being enough time in the day and blogging being the first thing put on the back burner. But it's okay because there are much more important things in life :)

Anonymous said...

Girl, you had me freakin' for a second thinking you were quitting your blog. I do know what you mean though. It's hard to do it AND enjoy it when life is has more important things in store.

Now I want some ice cream...

Rachel Sedaker said...

I'm one of those "not enough hours in a day" folks, and I get what you mean about choosing to do other things. I also find myself saying yes more than I really should. And I don't have kids, but I do live with my 2-year-old nephew, and I can't say to him, "no, I'm sorry, Aunt Ray-Ray can't play with you because she needs to respond to blog comments." Family first. And holla at that bargain shirt! It's super cute! If we met for tea, I'd order a mocha and tell you that I'm anticipating en email about a skype interview for a job I really want. Also anticipating a third date on Saturday with someone who makes me laugh. And then I'd probably tell you all about the books I'm reading (yep, I'm a two-books-at-a-time girl now). Both good- one makes me feel, the other makes me laugh.

17 Perth said...

We are sooooo in the same frame iof mind! First off, I was already working on a post similar to this! (Currently listening to, eating, wax thing etc!). lol. Secondly, I SO understand, but I am so glad you aren't quitting. Lastly, watching the sunrise while running is THE BEST--except for the alarm clock (my least favorite thing!).

Miriam said...

You're doing a Tough Mudder? Wow girl! Also, you look SMOKING in your jeans, and that blouse is killer. Really love the whole outfit. Eat as much ice cream as you like, you clearly run it straight off!
The hours in the day thing. I have noticed it too. What's happening here? Is somebody secretly stealing some? That's gotta be it! Remember when there were times when boredom existed in a day?
I barely can, but I know there were days that felt like they.would.never.end.

If you ever go away, life as we know it will cease to exist. You canNOT do that! Better 2 days/week than zero days/week.

Brandi said...

I've been feeling rather bored with everything...and songs on the radio is one of them! So much music out there, give me something exciting! I hadn't thought about a book on tape, but with as much time as I spend in the car running around...it's a good idea! I get the not enough hours in the day, and as long as you are doing things you love over other things you love, (as opposed to things you wish you didn't have to do over things you love) it's all good. I think we have phases in our lives that allow us to shift between those things. (I just don't understand why I have been stuck in one phase so long :) But obviously, you blogging more is better...so you'll just have to keep at it!

Raige Creations said...

I hear ya on blogging slipping. I am at that point too. I was doing okay with about 2 posts a week, then got hit with allergies AND underlying cold (AT THE SAME TIME!!!!) No blogging for me yet this week.

Anticipating a move. I wish it was over already. I would have hot chocolate on a coffee date unless it was still morning, but Chia Tea sounds lovely too. And what would I tell you? How moving sucks probably.

Tracy said...

I am definitely a "not enough hours" person. I try to cram in as much as possible every single day and even when I do get a lot done, it never feels like enough. I'm anticipating the end of this semester so that I will have a few more hours in my day (at least for a little while).

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

So jealous of your jeans every day!! And I'd order hot chocolate :)

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

I hear ya on not having enough time. As you know, I don't work full time but with traveling to see our families on the weekends and then trying to play catchup during the week...it gets busy.

You have a fun year ahead of you though so that is a big plus!

Kate said...

Ok, so like.

Giraffes are my favorite animals, and those pictures made me giggle like a little girl. I WANT TO PET ONE AND PUT A SADDLE ON IT AND RIDE. (ok, maybe I don't really want to ride a giraffe, but it does sound cool.)
Second, I love coffee. It's not secret, but I also loooove chai. Oh man. Now I want one. Mm.. chai.
I can't stand listening to the radio. I've never been a radio person ever, but I get really irritated when I hear a song I can't stand and try to skip it only to realize IT'S NOT POSSIBLE. I keep my old iPod in my car and basically never turn it off.
I want to wear jeans to work every day. I only can on Friday, and even then, it's technically not allowed. We just do it anyway. I'm totally jealous. And I'm jealous of your Banana Republic find. Basically, I'm just a jealous person right now.
Mint chocolate chip is THE ice cream. Like, no question. I had a hankerin for it so badly a few days ago that I made Michael go to the store with me. I NEEDED it. Like.. there was no want. It was a need. Or else.

And that, my friends, was a slightly pointless comment. I think I just took up an hour of your precious time. My apologies.

Jeneric Generation said...

I am having so much fun on our coffee date! When you order the chai tea, I will agree with you on how delicious they are, but then demand that you give me three good reasons why you don't like coffee. Then we will laugh and I will stop laughing and say, "No, seriously". Then we will talk about how our lists of things we want/need to do are pretty much the EXACT SAME, and then I will say, "If there aren't enough hours in the day now, how will it be with kids??" Then I will assure you I am not pregnant. I'll say, "this has been fun. We should do it again." And you will say, "Let's do it every day!" As my final thought, I will tell you I am glad you are not quitting blogging. I can handle sporadic if I must, but not closing up shop.

Allie @ Everyday Adventures said...

That shirt is very cute. Also, we bought a half gallon of ice cream on Sunday, and it too is already half gone.

Ali said...

I totally understand less blogging. When it's not your job and just a hobby, it's hard to keep up with it. My blog is also mostly just me rambling about random things, so sometimes it's hard to focus and actually post about something. But I will continue to read when you do post!

Right now I'm anticipating quite a few things. My brain is a little overloaded right now. Running and our crappy weather is causing me some anxiety, I'm excited about Easter, and I'm trying to get everything organized for my Ragnar team since I'm the captain but I'm not getting a lot of feedback from my team. So I may just plan it all the way I want to do it and let them deal.

Also, your outfit is super cute!

Joy @ TheJoyOfHope21.blogpot.com said...

So I enjoy both coffee and tea so I guess it would depend on the setting. At a coffee shop, I'm inclined to order a frapp or some kind of cold slushie type drink. If it was just sitting in someone's home, then it's a good cup of English or Irish Breakfast Tea with sugar and evaporated milk. I like to have the control on how to flavor my drink, so at a coffeeshop, I stick with low maintenance choices.

Anywho, I'd love to hear about all the things on your mind and would give head nods in agreement for sure. Then probably tell you about the things God is teaching me with work and life in general. It's been a whirlwind, so I'd try not to bore you too much.

Unknown said...

I order NonFat Chai Tea lattes and I'm seriously addicted! I'm really looking forward to my trip to Vegas this weekend!

Gentri said...

Mint Ice Cream is my favorite!! I'm pretty jealous. haha And I love all of these pics. that giraffe is amazing and the outfit is so cute!
Now I really wish we could go get "coffee" together! Chai Tea for you and a coffee free steamer for me. :)

John & Heather said...

If I were on a coffee date with you I would tell you that NOT drinking coffee on a coffee date is absurd but I'll let it slide because you have excellent taste in ice cream. :)

I am SOOOO looking forward to summer. Winter does not seem to want to let go this year and it's making me cranky.

Thanks for the "coffee date" Have a great rest of the week!!

Leslie Lukens Martin said...

Jeans to work Every.Single.Day??? I'm sooooo jealous! I'd be happy with jeans on Friday if they'd give it to be....this is me pouting...Poor Leslie! Haha. Oh...and I totally get you on the coffee thing. ICK! I don't like any hot liquids though!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

I so miss being able to wear jeans everyday. How do you look so tan? I can totally see how blogging can get to be too much sometimes.

The Hungry Goat said...

I order tea too! (because yuck to coffee) I'm also anticipating my brother's wedding. And my cousin's wedding. And a trip to NY. And my birthday. I've said it once and I'll say it again. It's like we're the same.

Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

I am with you on the ice cream thing, I also do not understand just not eating something anymore like cheese like how much do you want to hate life to stop eating such good things!

Unknown said...

Coffee Date:

Coffee hater! What about the stuff that pretends to be coffee, but it's really a caramel mocha frappuccino, that's just half sugar. Okay, I confess. I don't drink coffee, but I do drink those caramel mocha frappuccino's, they might as well call it ice cream. Tea drinkers unite! :)

You can't quit blogging! It's not allowed, plus if you quit blogging I can't pretend that we're such good friends in real life and during our coffee date we talk to loud and laugh hysterically and then everyone else wishes they were friends with us.

By the way, why didn't you invite my on your Banana Republic shopping spree so I could spend a bunch of money I don't have. Come on!

Also, I can't meet for coffee next month, we're going to Tennessee to see Tyler's dad. And sometimes I'm amazed that I can take a blog and handmade shop and turn it into 40 hours of work a week. Something that's not my favorite to talk about because sometimes I struggle with talking about my "job" to other people because I wonder what they are really thinking about my "job."

Real life coffee talk! Bam!

Anonymous said...

As a two-to-three times a week blogger, I completely understand and respect your decreased posting. It happens. Whatev.

So if you haven't already read The Husband's Secret, I recommend it as an audio book. It takes place in Australia and the woman reading it has a delicious accent. Not as fun as a man with an accent, but still easy on the ears.

And #iwearjeanstoworkeverydaytoo! Heck yeah!


Unknown said...

This post is too perfect!!! I'd definitely respond to you that I know exactly what you mean with your non-apology for only posting sporadically, because I can relate entirely to your list of priorities and inability to do everything in one day. Sporadic posts just make us appreciate them that much more ;) Then I'd probably go on to tell you that coffee dates (even if you don't actually get coffee) are actually the best in my book, so thank you so much for inviting me out, as I haven't the time to get out much lately. We'd probably stay awhile, because it takes me approximately a hundred hours to finish a drink.

Unknown said...

So glad you're not quitting blogging! As someone else said, 2 days > 0 days, and you don't want to get burned out, so only blog when it's enjoyable. But also know that you would be missed!
I'm also in OKC, and I've become addicted to listening to NPR on my commute. I recommend 91.7 - it's the NPR station out of Stillwater. They play news/interesting programs during the day and unique music at night. We regularly hear reggae music while driving to church on Sundays - can't beat that! :)

Jennifer Prod said...

i'd order a chai and we'd sit in the back and you would talk about slowing down blogging to focus on the things that matter and i would nod and agree and then we'd go to the park and eat ice cream and take photos and run around the town.. and forgot to blog again. thing is, i've been feeling the same way lately, and i'm now beginning to wonder if we all just have spring fever??

Alicia | Jaybird said...

Now that the weather is nicer it's a lot harder to spend an afternoon inside blogging away...there's a whole world out there to run through! I've found it hard to balance recently too, when the normal routine has big things like an anniversary, visitors and an upcoming conference thrown in. I keep thinking, "I'm looking forward to when things go back to normal after ___," but then life just carries on at the same brisk pace!

Rachel said...

I'm also anticipating that life is going to get much busier (in good ways, but still, busy!) over the next couple of months. It can be hard to fit all of those good things in to days that go by all too quickly...

Unknown said...

I know what you mean. There are so many things I'd like to do too! And, like you said, blogging often gets to the bottom of the ladder, but that's ok. Living the life, the real life, is more important (because you can blog about it afterwards, ha!).

uppmake said...

the shirt is really pretty :)

The Lady Okie said...

Yes! I'm doing a Tough Mudder with my brother in October in Dallas. I'm excited and nervous! Hopefully all my arm workouts will pay off :)

The Lady Okie said...

Loved this comment! Great coffee chat, Samantha :)

The Lady Okie said...

That's such a great idea! I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the tip!

The Lady Okie said...

Hello, Maria! So glad to have you and thanks for the comment :)
I know what you mean about fighting over bathrooms. Growing up there were six of us sharing 2 bathrooms! It got crazy sometimes. Bacon frying is pretty much one of the best smells ever!

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

Heheheehe, I love that you put an * with Jordan's name. I scrolled to the bottom and found the little "but seriously" and laughed out loud. And I'm with you on the wearing jeans thing! I currently don't really have a boss (workplace probs) so everyone is wearing jeans. It's glorious.

Sarah said...

I always question my alarm on Saturday mornings for running group but once I'm there it's all worth it! And being done with your workout by 9:30/10am is pretty great too

Holly said...

Mint chocolate chip is the best ice cream ever so I don't blame you AT ALL for eating all of it. Well....as long as you saved some for me! ;)

I just wrote a post on the vicious blogging cycle like this. I'm not quitting blogging either, but it's a pain in the butt sometimes to try and squeeze everything into a day!! I've also slacked on running, but I have 3 races in May that I'm looking forward to (one is my 2nd half!!!). And, also, I'm drinking an iced chai this morning, because it's the best ever :)

Unknown said...

One thing I'm anticipating... so difficult to choose! I'm excited for several friends who live overseas to visit, I'm excited for my own trip overseas in June/July. I'm so looking forward to my first half marathon event in July in Napa Valley, and my first trip to San Francisco. And... I'm looking forward to moving to New Zealand in October! It's going to be a huge year. So, if we had a coffee date, I would probably order a double!! :)

Unknown said...

Oh man, I just love this so much! My list of things that I want to do could go on for pages and sometimes I get a little grouchy that I have to etch out 9-10 hours a day for getting to work, working, and getting home--but I am also glad that I have that in my life :) I'm getting super pumped for an upcoming trip to Guatemala! It used to seem so far away but now it is, like, upon us. We have to get planning!