Car Naps, Blog Cheating & Salmon Recipes


This post could alternatively be titled: 5 Random Things You Probably Won't Find Interesting but I'm Telling You Anyway, but... that doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

1. Car Naps

Let's just come out with it: I've started taking naps in my car during my lunch hour.

*This is a picture of me c. 2011 jumping for joy after I paid off my car 

I can't decide how embarrassed I should feel about this, but I also kind of don't care because it's awesome. I only feel embarrassed when people walk through the parking lot and stare at me awkwardly, but then again I'm asleep, so really it doesn't matter.

My morning alarm has been going off super early lately (see #3), and by the time 2:00 rolls around, I'm pretty much falling asleep at my desk.

A few weeks ago, I took a blanket out to my car, cracked the windows, and fell dead asleep for about a half hour. I woke up feeling oh so good, and I didn't once feel tired during the afternoon! I started making my half-hour car nap a daily thing, and it's amazing. It helps that it takes me approximately .457 seconds to fall asleep, and I don't even set an alarm. I naturally wake up 20-30 minutes later feeling refreshed, even if I do have a bit of bed head going on.

**Be honest: On a scale of 1 to crazy, how weird would you rate my car naps?

2. Blogger Meetups

Remember in my March recap how I said I got together with Beka for the second time and we again forgot to take a picture? Well, we met up at the OKC marathon expo, and we finally took a picture together! 

This girl totally rocks. We've met three times now, and it's like talking to a friend I've known for years. Consequently, both of our husbands are glad neither of us turned out to be a psychopathic killer. I might not make any money from this blog, but I'm making friends, and that's really the best part.

**Have you met any blog friends in real life?

3. Blog Cheating

Bet you didn't know I have another blog, did you? Yes, I'm cheating on The Lady Okie, but only a little bit. I have an editing blog, where I post writing and editing tips once a week--every Thursday. If you're a writer or an editor, check out my editing blog!

Lately I've been waking up early before my morning workout (hello, 4:30 a.m.) to work on some freelance projects, hence the need for a midday siesta. When it rains, it pours apparently, because I last week I had THREE editing projects going on at once, hence my almost complete lack of blogging. I finished two of them, so I just have one more left. 

I edit for my day job, but I also do freelance editing on the side, so if you have a book that needs editing, let me know! I'm really very good.

4. Apparently I Like Salmon Now

I've gone through my entire life up until this year thinking I hated salmon. Well, turns out I do not, in fact, hate salmon. Who knew? 
Well, okay me. I didn't know.

Last week we ate it twice for dinner, and both recipes I tried were de-freaking-licious and very simple. Jordan approved as well. He's a huge salmon fan and is very excited that I like it too now. Here are the recipes, in case you're looking for new ways to cook salmon:

1. Black Bean Lime Salmon
2. Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon

**Any other salmon lovers in the house? Share a favorite recipe so I can try it!

5. Pullup Update

You may remember my announcement that I want to try to do 3 legit pullups this year. I shared with you a few awesome (in my opinion) arm workout videos
That was March 31.

Since that time, I have been working out my upper body almost every other day. Basically every time I go running, I add 15 minutes of arm workouts. I'm currently doing a lot of pushups, tricep dips, and lat pulldowns. I'm super proud of my progress on the lat machine. I'm doing 3 sets of 10. I started at 50 lbs, and just a few days ago I did my first set of 70 lbs! Progress. 

ALSO, Jordan and I are doing our own pushup challenge for May. We started May 1 with one pushup, and every day we add a pushup. By May 31, hopefully I'm able to do 31 pushups! I'll keep you posted. (<-- EDIT: Jordan would like it to be known that he is doing this with me as moral support, but apparently he already can do 31 pushups. I guess he's going to keep it going every day for a year...? So, yeah I don't know. I guess we'll see.)

All right. I think that's all I've got for today.
Now everyone share something random with me. Ready? Go.

***P.S. I hope you're planning on linking up on May 21 for Runners Tell All. This month's topic is: Share a running picture. I've got some good ones! And by good, I mean terrible. This should be fun. Go here for all the info.

Tracy said...

Better watch those car maps this week with 90 degree temps. Wet bed head.

I've met a blogger who was an American living in Belgium who was in OKC for business. It was awesome. She took me to Mickey Mantles steakhouse on her treat!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I'm really just amazed that you don't have to set an alarm for your car naps...that is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I would FREAK out not setting an alarm. I have total oversleeping anxiety.

It is also a dream of mine to be able to do pull ups, but I'm not that motivated to actually do arm exercises yet. :)


Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

In college I slept in my car all the time and I will totally admit sometimes I wish I still had a car for those awesome naps.

Allie @ Everyday Adventures said...

I always thought I hated salmon too, but surprise surprise. I actually have salmon in the crock pot right now.

I've met a few blog friends, but is it weird that I refer to all blog friends as actual friends, as if I know everyone in real life? Because that's happened. When we figure out where we're moving, I'm pretty much comfortable going anywhere because "I know people everywhere!" haha.

Magical and Beautiful said...

hanks for sharing your heart :)
I would be honored if you would follow me as I share my
journey with Huntington's Disease

Ashley {in MKE} said...

I'm with you on the salmon. I thought, for years, that I HATED it. But then Chris grilled it and it was OK. Who knew? Also, way to wake up after only 30 minutes. Chris takes a "siesta" every day (SO jealous), but if it were me, it's either 2 hours or nothing. Then again, I do go to bed around 8:30 every night because I'm an old lady, natch.

Too funny, as always.

Allison said...

Taking a nap in your car is so crazy that it's genius! I can't believe you don't set an alarm though! That would scare me so much. And I love salmon! No one else likes it in my family because they think that it's too fishy, but I don't see it . . .errr, taste it.

Miss Nutralicious said...

It's hard for me to rate car naps on a 1 to crazy scale if I don't know where you are parking. Heavy foot traffic area? I'd say 6. Creepy parking lot in a parking garage? 5. Parking lot with little foot traffic? 3. A lady I worked with took naps in a parallel parking spot with heavy street traffic, plenty of foot traffic, 90 degree weather, and no cracked windows. 1 to crazy level? CRAZY. I was never certain if she was napping or had died of heat stroke.

PS You have mad hops in that car jumping photo!

Emily said...

I do NOT think your car naps are weird, although I can't believe you don't have to set an alarm. I took car naps all the time in college (before I lived on campus) but always had to set an alarm and still have a fear of people watching me while I sleep... I think this is to blame for that fear ha! I can't wait to meet some of my blogger friends in real life! I've been talking about this so much lately- maybe that means it will happen soon! :)

Curious Runner said...

blog friends are great! Love your randomness and your car naps sound super weird but super awesome! Could i do that with my car in my driveway while my kid plays inside???

shelleystirs said...

I take a nap a couple days a week, if it's Leah's rest time and I'm not working. 20-30 minutes does wonders for me!

Brandi said...

I only find your car naps weird because I am jealous. I have never been a good napper. I love salmon, and generally roast it at 400-425 with a few dots of butter, salt, pepper and dill. Then I use any leftovers in a biscuit topped pot pie. But, as the family grows we have less leftovers for pot pie, and since I like the pot pie I am generally stingy with the first servings and find myself in the kitchen guarding the fillet and screeching 'pot pie, people!'--lovely random fact about me.

Courtney said...

I love salmon!! We always do simple. Some fresh lemon juice, salt, pepper and grill it up! Did you fresh or frozen salmon?

I've gotten to meet Samantha from Elah Tree! You know, next time she is in Joplin maybe we could arrange a meetup! OKC isn't *that* far from SWMO! :)

Napping at work reminds me of George Costanza and everyone thinking there was a bomb in his desk because of his ticking clock hahaha

Anonymous said...

Lunch time naps are the best, granted since I work from home I get to use my bed but in my old life I was not above a lunch time car nap!

Robyn B said...

i totally take car naps too! lol some days i just HAVE to! no judgment here!
up until two years ago i thought i hated salmon, too! well, all fish really. we never really ate it growing up and so i thought i wouldn't like it. then i worked in Alaska for a whole summer and ate fresh caught salmon all summer. and i realized i do, in fact, like it. plus it is really healthy so that's a plus!! i am definitely gonna try those recipes!!

Ali said...

I'm still not really sure how I feel about salmon, but this recipe is awesome:

I can eat pretty much anything in taco style. I love me a good fish taco! Although I prefer a mild white fish.

I love that you nap in your car. I'm tempted to close my office door and nap some days. I just need a little mat like in preschool!

Kate said...

White girls CAN jump. Got some serious air going on there.

Also, I love your shirt, but I do not love salmon.
I need someone to teach me how to get to a point where I CAN do a pull up. I don't think I've ever had that kind of upper body strength. Ever.

Courtney Rose said...

Totally not crazy on the afternoon nap. My doctor actually told me everyone should take 20 minutes from their afternoon and close their eyes and rest. I thought he was crazy but it DEFINITELY helps me to be more productive! Nap away!

Kristen said...

i wish i could do a pull up! also, hells yeah to car naps. also, i dont like salmon, but they kinda look yum.

Unknown said...

1. Not weird at all. Actually, I'm jealous. When I was at uni (a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away), my flatmate (who already had a job) used to come home at noon to eat and take a twenty minutes nap. I remember being amazed at how quickly she managed to fall asleep and how awake and cheery she looked when she got up. Everytime I take a nap, I wake up more tired than before. I must do something wrong there. :)

2. That's so cool! I hope I'll meet fellow bloggers someday. Most of them live in the US though, which makes it a little bit more difficult, if you see what I mean. I just need to get rich real fast to buy some plane tickets. Loads of plane tickets.

3. I'd already visited your editing blog! I love it. Editing is one of the many steps I go through when translating a book, and then I am myself edited once I've handed down my translation. I love it all and I learn new things everytime. Editors have my respect! And I'm sure you're very good at it. :)

4. So happy to hear that! I love salmon! It's my favourite fish (well, to eat, anyway).

5. Congrats on your progress!

Katie said...

i LOVE salmon - one of my favorite foods. car naps sound like a great idea. and I have yet to meet a blogger!!!

Venassa said...

I wish I could fall asleep easy enough to take a car nap because they sound amazing. Laying in the fresh air like that... mmm. I used to write things. I haven't in forever. But I'm going to check out your other blog because I miss writing. Maybe you'll inspire me.

Sarah said...

That someecard is so dead on.

And YES to the moon and back on blogger friends and meet ups, always a blast and a friend you've known for years.

Erin LFF said...

I would absolutely do car-naps IF I could calls asleep easily. I'm the world's worst sleeper so by the time I fell asleep, it would probably be time for me to get back to the office! I envy you!!

Proud of what you're accomplishing at the gym! I'm ready to get back to doing more weight-training, I slacked off in April big time!

Anonymous said...

I have totally napped in my car at work. And I'm a better person for it, so haters gonna hate but ask me if I care. I have also shut the door to my office, hit the lights, and curled up on the floor with my head resting on a hoodie. Oh and I have slept in the gym at my old work but then people started working out at lunch and spoiled my gym-nap spot.

So car nap on! It's good stuff.


Lori said...

Car naps...that's fantastic :-) I definitely think it'd be worth it if I was that tired. My problem is that it would take me a long time to fall asleep or I'd feel WIDE AWAKE once my eyes shut. Heehee.

Amy said...

#1 - i nap in my car often! sometimes you just need that extra so many minutes of pure sleep bliss to get through the rest of the work day!

ALSO your pull up goal progress - girl you are BEASTING IT! that is awesome!!!

Pamela said...

Love salmon!! Those recipes look & sound amazing!!

Unknown said...

I am actually quite jealous of your napping abilities. You make napping sound so amazing, but it is so difficult for me! Grr. Also, I think when the day finally comes for me to ready a manuscript for publication, you'll be the first person I call on to edit. What a superstar! In the meantime, I'll just keep reading your other blog for insightful writing and editing tips :)

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

You just made my day! Thanks for sharing our picture and I too feel like we have been friends a long time! I haven't been a huge salmon fan but I have started trying it more. My brother used to get fresh salmon for me up in Seattle and smoke it at home. I'm not proud to say that I didn't really like it and wouldn't eat much of it. #fail

oh and naps in the car?! Yes! I nap in the car all the time.

Julie @ Just the Joy's said...

Yay for workout progress!! That's a really good idea with one pushup a day! Good luck! I've met one blogger in real life! Although we originally met in real life before either of us even blogged and then we wound up catching back up with each other through blogger which was pretty weird and awesome! I wish I had a long enough lunch hour to nap in the car! Although I'm not much of a napper so it probably wouldn't work out very well. My brain has a hard time shutting off :)

Unknown said...

Naps in your car is awesome! I'm going to try to start napping on lunch, that's a great idea! Blogger meet ups are so fun! We should meet sometime! It's a must! I'm so glad you liked the salmon! I'm kind of crazy nuts about salmon. I made salmon burgers last week. They were amazing! You should try them!

Something Random:

I ate five cookies today. I will probably eat five more.
I've started acting as the "assistant manager" at our complex... random.
Prayer request in your inbox. Thank you.
I played Mafia last night for the first time and refused to "kill" anyone.

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

This girl I work with does the lunch time power nap. Is be afraid of not walking up or being groggy. I loved naps in college though. I have met bloggers in person and so far they have all been great experiences!

The Lady Okie said...

I totally ate five cookies yesterday! That's awesome. We are cookie twins :)

The Lady Okie said...

Thanks for the recipe! Checking it out for sure.

Alicia | Jaybird: Home in Motion said...

I don't think you're crazy for taking car naps...I'm just jealous that you can fall asleep so fast! For some reason my body doesn't seem capable of relaxing into sleep that fast.

One of my favorite salmon recipes (which is ridiculously easy) are these salmon cakes. You can make them like a burger and serve them with a bun and a Greek yogurt + cucumber + dill sauce, or you can put them on top of a salad, or just add some more mustard...they're AMAZING!

I don't usually use the red onion.

Renee said...

Car naps sound amazing but I could pretty much guarantee that if I did that, my co-workers would be waking me up at 5 when they were leaving for the day. Horrible at waking up!!
I have that shirt too, love it!!

Anonymous said...

Lunchtimes are for running! Daytime naps make me sleepy for the rest of the day, but yours sound like they're working a treat!

Best salmon recipe I have ever tried - and it's SO zingy, tasty, fresh and easy: Mango & Avocado Salsa with Salmon from nomnompaleo:

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

I take car naps all the time. I used to do it a lot more often-like every single day. I thought I was the only one!! I do have a novel that eventually will need editing but that means someone would have to read it and I'm not so sure about that so we shall see!!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

One of the main reason I miss driving to work is car naps. Nowhere to sleep when I take public transportation!

Jessica said...

UM nine times out of ten, I wake up from naps more crabby, sweaty (ew!), and completely exhausted. I read all these awesome reports/articles about how great they are for you but I obviously am doing something wrong :(

I kinda love the push up challenge idea! I did the squat challenge one month and it changed my life...meaning I actually think about challenges now :)

Unknown said...

I kind of want to start taking car naps now. I struggle to fall asleep and really am not so good at napping, but it could happen.

I've been doing standup pushups in the shower while rinsing my hair. It might be crazy/weird, but it helps fit in some arm workouts without taking time from other things, in essence, multitasking. I'm still really not very good at them though. Maybe someday.

I don't like fish, usually at all, but if you ended up liking salmon, maybe there's hope for me. My mom says it's good for me. Pretty much every time I talk to her.

Rachel said...

I took a nap in my car every once in a while when I was in college...I would also go up to the top floor of the library and sleep on the couches at my college. haha! I don't really like salmon, but I eat it because Angel likes it and he says it's good for me. I usually just bake mine: I squeeze orange or lemon juice on top, sprinkle the filets with cayenne and black pepper and garlic and whatever else strikes my fancy, then top with chopped onion because that man of mine loves onions....and bake. I still don't love them, but they're quite edible.

Holly said...

1. Car naps sound amazing. I often just go eat lunch in my car in a parking lot somewhere when it's a rough day and I don't want to deal with people. It's awesome. So you're not crazy :)

2. I've met a few blog friends in real life, and one has turned into an actual friend!! Christy from Planes, Trains, and Running Shoes--she's awesome and she is the one who motivated me at the start of my running a few years ago :) I visited her for the Cherry Blossom and I'm even going to her wedding later this year! Blog friends are fun :)

3. I love salmon!! i don't have a specific recipe but I've have Honey Bourbon Glazed Salmon and it is delicious. Google a recipe--I bet you can find good ones.

5. Oh I SUCK at pull ups and pushups! I've been doing 2 sets of 10 pushups at the gym every day hoping to get up to 50 total, but it doesn't work. I like your May challenge though!

I am SO linking up this month for a running picture :)

Unknown said...

Never be ashamed of the car lunch time nap!! It is the only way to get through the day sometimes :) I love that you have an editing blog (makes my writer's heart beat a little faster)--hopping over to check it out!

Caitlin said...

I'm a serious supporter of lunch break naps :) Now, taking a blanket in the car for the nap? That's genius!

Erika from America said...

I love this post!

And I totally would get down on a car nap from time to time, especially when I had an office job. Gotta catch them Z's!!!!