Our 3rd Anniversary Day in Pictures


Thank you all so much for the lovely comments wishing us a happy anniversary! You made my day. And Jordan's too, though he'd never admit it. Did you know he not only reads every post but the comments too? It's true.

Last year Jordan and I had a pretty low-key second anniversary. I documented our day in pictures, which you can check out here if you so desire.

This year, we decided that now that we're a really old married couple, we should continue the trend of low key. A trip to the black hills of South Dakota and a visit to Mount Rushmore is in the works for this fall (yay!), but for now we decided a staycation was the best option for our days-off-work availability and our budget. I also didn't want to confuse anyone by actually having something to put in the travel category of this month's Project 12 post.



The day of our third anniversary looked like this:

The alarm clocked buzzed extra early so we could hit up the local iHop for breakfast before work. Because that's how we do it in Oklahoma. Classy. (This is also what we did last year.)

Pancakes, sausage, and eggs over easy for me. (Although a Belgium waffle ran an extremely close second.)

Hash browns, scrambled eggs, and biscuits and gravy for Jordan. He'll always be an Oklahoma boy.

Fun fact: In the middle of breakfast, he sprinted to the bathroom and was in there for so long that the waitress came by and asked if he'd left me. Not joking.

She literally said, "Did he leave you?" To which I said, "Yes," and then promptly burst into tears. Okay, I am joking about the tears part. But she did ask me that. It was awkward.

After breakfast, we both headed to work.
*If you're as obsessed with my desktop calendar image as I am, download your own here. I'm pretty much in love. Yes, I'd marry this desktop calendar if I wasn't already married. It's not weird. Thanks to Charlotte for linking to them originally!

At lunch, I read my book and then took a car nap. Brilliant idea, car naps are.
When we got home, we exchanged gifts.

And by gifts, I mean I gave Jordan nothing, and he gave me a lime squeezer he picked up at Walmart earlier that day because "he was thinking of me."

That guy.

We actually did exchange cards, which is a yearly Valentine's Day and wedding anniversary tradition. No gifts, just cards.

Then we got Johnny Carino's (Italian) and stopped for cupcakes. Johnny Carino's catered our wedding reception, and we also had a cupcake stand at our reception. We didn't even think about the similarity until after we ordered, but we're pretending that we totally thought about it in advance and planned it that way.

And then.

Then while we ate pasta, we watched my favorite actor beat up on bad guys in my favorite movie series.

So that's how we spent our third anniversary. It was a "good day." 
See what I did there?

Couch selfie! 

We're both glowing for some reason. It's either the lamp or the love beams sprouting from our hearts.

I'm going with love beams.

A week later, we used a gift card to hit up PF Chang's for an actual grownup anniversary date, wherein I showed the waiter my grownup ID and ordered a mojito. Because yum.

Cheers to year four!


  1. What an awesome anniversary day! Also, that couch selfie is perfect.
    I have the exact same calendar on my desktop right now. I love Oana's work!

  2. I think that is the perfect way to celebrate! It is alone time not trying to scream over loud music or other people at a restaurant. I think it works fit you two and that is what matters!

  3. Congratulations! What a beautiful glowing selfie! I love that calender, it's so awesome!

  4. The glow is definitely from the love beams! :)
    We don't have an iHop in our province so during our visit to Florida we made sure to go there 'cause we're classy like that too!!!! I mean, you can not go wrong with a house of pancakes, and other deliciousness!

  5. Sounds like a great day! Also you now have me thinking about biscuits and gravy which is just mean!

  6. You're adorable. We do low key anniversaries too. We did Red Robin and Thor 2 (I think?) for our last one. We're planning on maybe OKC or KC this year since it's our fifth, but I have no idea yet.

  7. Three years!! Woohoo!! Honestly...I'm not much of a low-key celebration person. I like celebrating. But this past anniversary was our 3rd too and out of necessity it was pretty casual (my parents were living with us and keeping our schedule busy!)--so we went bowling--Angel was going to take me to the bowling alley where we went on a first "date" which wasn't really a date because I wasn't allowed to date and therefore I insisted that we bring a friend along, because 3 people is definitely not a date. But then I said we might as well go to a different bowling alley that was cheaper anyways--that's what 3 years of marriage looks like, right? haha!

  8. Um, this is the best anniversary day ever. Bruce is my favorite of all time.... I may or may not have dragged my husband to see A Good Day to Die Hard on Valentine's Day....

    You guys are cute! I love that he got you a lime squeezer!!!!!!!!! Adorable. Happy 3 years and counting!

  9. 1. Definitely love beams.
    2. I don't drink often, but I love a good mojito.
    3. For years, my parents ONLY did cards and dinner for their anniversary. They didn't want to fool with gifts. Then their 25th anniversary happened. My dad always had to leave for work before my mom woke up, so Mom left his card on the kitchen island. When she woke up, she had a card AND a platinum three stone diamond ring. I'm not sure if she ever got over that one. :P

  10. I love this!! You two are precious. The ihop breakfast is perfect and sounds amazing right now! Caleb and I also had a gift card for our anniversary dinner and that felt great to find on a budget! Happy 3rd anniversary!!!

  11. you guys are too freaking cute, i cant even. ihop, yum. lime squeezer, how cute!

  12. Sounds like a nice, relaxing anniversary with lots of quality time :) I second the love beams!

  13. This is basically how we spend anniversaries so I think it sounds pretty perfect! We aren't going to be in the same city for our anniversary this year, so we will probably Skype and watch 24 together, so romantic!

  14. Any reference to IHOP immediately makes me think of Jim Gaffigan and this quote: "why do they call it IHOP? ...I've never left that place feelin' like hoppin'!" (hopefully you know who he is / find that funny, otherwise I'm the awkward one laughing alone......!) Personally, I think a lime juicer sounds like a GREAT anniversary gift. I may or may not have gifted my husband one for his birthday a few years back. Normal!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. "...we exchanged gifts. And by gifts, I mean I gave Jordan nothing" - that cracked me up so hard, I literally laughed our loud! I love your style!

  16. fun! Glad you guys had a good anniversary =)

  17. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate - minus having to work :)
    I have to get that download for the calendar!!!
    Car naps are totally awesome - I look forward to them during work days ;)

  18. haha, i thought it was the wine! comparing to how i celebrate anniversary, yours is epic!

  19. Sounds like a nice anniversary to me! Relaxed!!

  20. definitely just put the desktop calendar on my computer - holla!
    and i love that y'all do low-key!
    ps ihop = yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  21. Happy 3rd anniversary to both of you and good wishes for dozens more. And hello to Jordan, since he reads the comments!!!!

  22. What a wonderfully perfect day! Happy Anniversary!

  23. Happy 3rd anniversary! Love that Oklahoma sign :) Looks like a great day - gorgeous couple!

  24. What a great day - I love the idea of being relaxed, low-key, and perfectly comfortable just sharing company. Happy anniversary!

  25. Happy Anniversary! My husband is not a fan of Carino's (or really any pasta place for that matter) so I seriously got jealous when I read that you went...I should probably eat something.

  26. Who doesn't need a lime squeezer?! And love beams? Too awesome for words.

  27. Happy anniversary!! This sounded like a great way to celebrate! :) Also, are those maroon pants?!

  28. love that jordan reads the blog AND the comments. quick fact: jon doesn't read the blog, but all the receptionists at his work do. it makes us both smile because the receptionists will ask about me and inquire about things he did from the blog - and since he doesn't read it - he always has a big 'ooooh yes...' moment. also, that comment of yours, "In the middle of breakfast, he sprinted to the bathroom and was in there for so long that the waitress came by and asked if he'd left me. Not joking." - how did you not write a whole blog post about that? hilarious.

  29. Like the fact that he picked up a lime squeezer because he thought of you is the sweetest thing to me!!!! I want a lime squeezer!!!! hahaha such a cute date. And what is it with boys and biscuits and gravy? it's all my husband gets.

  30. Haha. Love this! Happy anniversary! Low-key is how we roll too. Haha. Hilarious about IHOP! Hoping for many many more anniversaries for y'all!

  31. Aw, congratulations! This sounds like the ideal low-key anniversary day.

  32. Oh my goodness!! So much to comment on here. Your breakfast sounds delicious. I only wish you would have burst into real {fake} tears when the actress asked you if he'd left you. Now you'll think of Jordan every time you use the lime squeezer. Haha! Yay for Bruce Willis! The third movie will always be my favorite because I love Samuel L. Jackson's character.

    HAPPY {belated} ANNIVERSARY! :)


  33. I think you two are glowing from love beams as well! Beautiful couple! Sounds like a perfect anniversary celebration! Especially the belated adult date with the mojito! :)

  34. Totally love beams. Happy anniversary!

  35. Absolutely the love beams. What a fun day! PF Chang's has the best mojitos!

  36. haha I love this! It is much how Kevin and I spent our second anniversary this year. Sweet and simple, low key.

  37. I love your love beams! Cheers to many more!

  38. You're so awesome at documenting everyday moments! I need to get better at that! I love that you captured all the details! Your anniversary celebrations sound very similar to how we do ours.

    P.S. Happy anniversary... a few weeks late.

    P.S.S. I'm jealous of your computer background.

    P.S.S.S. I read this a long time ago.

    P.S.S.S.S. I really just wanted lots of p.s.

  39. that sounds like the best anniversary day! and a lime squeezer is the most romantic thing ever.

    has Jordan gone a little ginger in the spring sun? (HI JORDAN!) or is just the lighting in the photos? either way, I approve. (YOU'RE WELCOME, JORDAN!)


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