Runners Tell All: Don't Listen to Anything I Tell You


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This month's topic is: nutrition and fuel while training

To that I say, if my cover image of cupcakes is any indication, you should not be listening to anything I tell you about nutrition and fueling while training. You know those people who run with belts wrapped around their waist with tiny water bottles attached and tubes of GU strapped to their sports bra? 

I am not those people.

My "strategy" for fueling while training is to make laps around my apartment complex and stop in to grab a drink of water if I feel thirsty. Or, alternatively, I leave the apartment and run three or four or five miles away, and then get thirsty and keep going until I'm home, wherein I collapse on the ground. While Jordan stands over me concerned, I mime motions for "GET ME WATER NOW" because my mouth is too dry to form actual words.

I need a more legitimate plan. I have problems.

I do have a Pinterest board titled "Fitness Foods," so at least there's that. And actually, I covered the topic of fuel & nutrition during part 5 of my "how to start running series." Click on the picture below for the full post! 

While you're at it, check out the entire 7-part series if you haven't already. I cover a bunch of topics from getting started to gear to setting a training schedule to some running FAQs.

One thing I always do after a run is make sure I eat some protein within the first half hour. This helps muscle recovery. In case you're interested, I reviewed 4 different types of protein bars in this post. Basically you want to find something that provides a good amount of protein without too much sugar or calories. Which is why all the best protein bars taste like candy and are loaded with sugar. [Insert sad face emoticon.] Anyway.

Now it's your turn! Link up below with your nutrition and fueling tips and tricks. I'm sure anything you say is going to be better than the nonsense I just said.

*I am not a dr. or dietician. This post is not meant to offer medical advice. But it is telling you to eat more cupcakes. Amen.
(Thursday, August 21)

What is your training routine?
Give us the scoop on your day-to-day running. 
Are you a social runner or do you like to take it solo? Do you run in the morning or evening? How often do you run? Maybe take your camera on your next run and snap some pictures to share!
Pass along any handy training tips or advice about how to make sure you get up in the morning or how to safely run at night.

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Allison said...

A training plans of cupcakes sounds like good advice to me! Protein cupcakes? Is that a thing? Well you should invent them if it's not! Thanks for hosting, can't wait to link-up!

Miss Nutralicious said...

Belt people seem so legit to me! Maybe one day, I will own a belt of my own. Meanwhile, I choose a hydration method similar to yours: I leave a water bottle in my mailbox and loop by my house when I am thirsty. It's also my clothing drop-off spot. I'm sure the mailman loves cramming mail into my already long sleeve t-shirt-gatorade-water-glove packed mailbox.

I'm so excited to sponsor this month's linkup! Thanks for hosting!

Claudz said...

mmmm, maybe if I ate a little better I would runner a little better.
Love this!

EB said...

I didn't fuel well forever because so many gel and gus make me puke. It's all about trying different stuff until something works!

Amy @ Long Drive Journey said...

I treated the whole water thing the same way as you when I ran my last 10K (because in the past I NEVER stopped to get water along the way). Moral of the story is that when you run injured, you run slower, and when you run slower, you spend more TIME running...and after a painful HOUR of running I thought I was going to die considering I drank nothing. So yeah, I need to work on my fuel for next time.

Jenny Fish said...

Sounds like we have similar nutrition plans when it comes to running. I usually text Daniel when I'm close to home and ask him to fix me the biggest glass of water ever, haha.

Jenn @ Optimization Actually said...

I just started a couch to half marathon plan! I didn't realize you had a "how to get started" series, but I am super excited that you do, because I'm going to need all the motivation I can get later on.

Kate said...

I'm SO BAD about drinking water DURING my run. I'm always at the park, and I HATE carrying stuff. Soooo.. I just wait until I get home. Whoops?

Also, if we could create a training plan around cupcakes, I would NEVER STOP RUNNING EVER.

Unknown said...

I'm not too much different... There was a time when I really tried to be on top of fueling my body, but I found that it didn't make any difference in my performance if I had Clif ShotBloks or pieces of a Larabar at miles 5, 7, etc. Now... anything goes! (Although last night's Mexican made for a rough run this morning!)

Ali said...

Yum, donuts! Thanks for hosting the link up again, enjoy your blog-cation!

Amber Marie said...

I kind of had a feeling your post was going to involve cupcakes :)

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

Oh girl!!!!! No more donuts!!!! Fuel up - it will make a world of a difference!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely with you on the not so much of a fueling strategy.. but water is a must!

Robyn B said...

i do the same with water! i leave a water bottle out and just lap around so i pass it plenty of times :)

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Haha! The cupcakes were a good picture to add. I don't think I could make it without water though.

Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC said...

i'm discovering that i need a water bottle bigger than my 10oz handheld yet smaller than my 70oz camelbak for runs in the 3-8 mile range!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Haha! You are hilarious. I mean, isn't the whole point of running to be able to eat more cupcakes?

Debbie said...

I have the really funny visual of you collapsed and begging for water! Hope no one is offended by my approach to the topic.

Thanks for the linkup!

Amy @ Army Amy said...

I'm one of those people who runs with gu and water and all kinds of things strapped to them, but I still feel like I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to running + nutrition. I had it all figured out for a while, then my body decided it didn't like what I was feeding it anymore. It's an ongoing thing to figure out what works and what ain't cutting it.

And I fully support your liberal use of cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. Cracked me up!! I'm totally one of those belt people ;-) feel like I've nailed down the running and fueling over my past two marathon training seasons. I need to blog about it... But you know, cupcakes are simple sugars your body could use right away. Maybe it could be the new gu.

Kendwy Valdez said...

Haha! I'm always trying to find the right things to eat too. Pinterest does help a lot. Cupcakes is usually not on the list but worth considering ;)

Unknown said...

I hate carrying a water bottle when running, but with summer here, I just can't survive without one. I would end up like you do (on the ground, not able to talk and/or think). :)

Also, don't we run to be able to eat things like cupcakes? Haha.

Allison said...

I'm the same way when it comes to fueling or hydrating during runs! And hey, cupcakes are an excellent choice post-run.

Manda | musicalpoem said...

Mmmmm. Now I want a cupcake. With a glass of milk (I suppose water would do).

I just blogged about how I want to take control of my fitness, and I'm assuming running will come into play at some point. I haaaaaate running (mainly because I'm bad at it, let's be real) but if I can eat cupcakes, then maybe I won't dread it so much ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting this, Amanda! I's so interesting to see the similarities and differences between everyone's routines.

Katie said...

i'm terrible at drinking water but I'm realizing how much I need to while running! I've put a water bottle at the end of our driveway and run back to our house in the middle (or three or four times :)

Betsy said...

ditto to ALL OF THIS. when I got a belt, I immediately felt bona fide.

and when I do hill workouts at my parents' house - because they live on a hill - I leave my waterbottle at the end of their driveway so I can swing a chug every time I pass.

we're twins :)