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Amanda = 2 books
Animal Farm (not bad) Divergent (pretty bad)

June 5-6  Salt Lake City, Utah // Business trip (recap here)
June 20-22 Texas // My little brother got married! (see pics here)

We snuck one in at the last minute this month! 
On Saturday, June 28, we went to the Oklahoma History Museum and then to BWW for lunch.
(Remember how we're related to someone famous?)

Things that Happened in June Last Year

1. My mom's side of the family had a reunion at the lake house in Texas
-I took pictures of my grandpa in the grocery store

Notable Events
Did I mention my little brother got married? I'm still recovering.

* * *
Coming in July...
I already have a number of plans for the epicness that will be Amanda turning 28. For one thing, I called one of my friends a few nights ago and asked her to host a party for me. That's how I roll. For kicks, you can check out what I did on my birthday last year. I took pictures all day. Because obviously.

Also, Jordan turns 29 the week after my birthday. July is just full of birthday fun.
Runners Tell All is happening again on the 21st, so you will want to join in on that awesomeness.
Finally, I'll be taking a two-weekish blog and social media hiatus later this month, which I will announce so you aren't confused about why I've disappeared from the world.

Summer is in full swing, and I hope you're enjoying it so far! I know I am.
Until next month!


  1. What? BOTH of you have birthdays in July, too? It's exactly the same with me and Angel, only his is 4 days before mine. My mom's birthday is in July, too. It's a hot month for birthdays, apparently!

  2. lots of traveling this month! :) happy birthday to you both!!

  3. well then happy early birthday for both of you!!! (leave me some cakes, will you?)

  4. Birthday month!! Next month's post will be a doozy then :)

  5. I love the dress you wore for your brothers wedding!

    1. Thanks! I actually wore that dress as a bridesmaid in a wedding last year too!

  6. Woohoo birthday month!! :) I bet the party will be great!!

  7. You have an epic month coming up! Love the pictures from the wedding.

  8. birthday month, yay! that dress at your brother's wedding is fabulous! yeah divergent was pretty sucky. it just got worse.

  9. So fun!! happy birthday month! you are so young ;)

  10. June was a good 'un!! And it looks like July is going to be even better - a birthday month for both of you??? Score!!

    I did not care for Divergent. When I was in high school, my English teacher had us do all kinds of fun activities when we read Animal Farm. Like when we read the part about the chicken rebellion (throwing eggs) we paired up and one person laid down, facing the ceiling with a cup in their mouth and the other person stood over them and cracked an egg into the cup (or onto the person's face, depending on how good their aim was...). That's what I think of when I think of Animal Farm.


  11. Wow, that first picture is such a great pic of you two!!!! And happy birthday month!!

  12. Great pic of y'all. Great teeth. And to think you never had braces. Wait, you didn't, right?

  13. We have the same birthday months!!! We MUST get together and celebrate our glorious selves. I <3 birthdays!!!!

    Also, how did you enjoy the museum? Did you get to the pink kitchen / black dress part?

    Oh, and the coxinha (Brazilian food) I gave you: good, bad, weird?

  14. Hope you have a wonderful birthday month! Your dress for the wedding was gorgeous, btw!

    1. Thanks, Kari! I wore it last year as a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding, so I was really happy to be able to wear it again :)

  15. i love this way of chronicling your year! haha, divergent was "pretty bad" (i agree). so cool that you traveled so much too over just the course of one month!

  16. you didn't like divergent?? it's one of my favs. haha although i know several people that just couldn't finish it. i think it's one of those love or hate books.

  17. That teal dress is so cute! Happy Birthday month! I have not read Animal Farm in years, it is an interesting read.

  18. Birthday months are FUN! :) Happy start of july, Amanda!

  19. Holy moly!! CEDAR CREEK LAKE is where my in-laws have a lake house. I can't wait to be back there this weekend... though we're pretty much always there, and can't believe you were there last summer like me! SMALL WORLD! Happy 4th friend.

  20. I love these pictures you've been taking. I can't wait to see them all put together at the end of the year!

  21. June seemed like a good month for y'all! Hope July is just as great :)


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