*Project 12: A photo on the first day of every month in 2014*
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Jordan = 1 book
A Glorious Army: Robert E. Lee's Triumph
by Jeffry D. Wert

Amanda = 2 books
The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Technically we didn't travel anywhere outside of the state, but one Saturday (the 22nd) we hit up the OKC fairgrounds for a "Friends of the Library" book sale. I could not believe how many people were there! And how many tables and tables piled with books there were.

Because we desperately need more books in our apartment.*
*No we don't.

Feb 1 (lunch at Cracker Barrel with a gift card)
We bought some candy from the gift shop, obviously.
I have longstanding childhood memories of Cracker Barrel and family road trips.
Weird peanut butter things for Jordan. Sour cherries for me.

Notable Events

Amanda = stick with stomach bug Feb 2-3 <-- We were AT a friend's house for a Super Bowl party when I threw up in their bathroom. That was fun.

I should get a gold medal for Olympic watching.
We also went to two watch parties with friends on the 7 & 16

On Feb 25, I got a tetanus shot. OUCH. Seriously, what the heck?
I couldn't lift my right arm for two days!

Finally... I got inspired and spent two full days cooking one weekend.
I made my own chicken stock(!), garlic potato soup (using the chicken stock), and rolls
With the yeast and the kneading and everything. 
It was so very Laura Ingalls Wilder of me, and it was actually quite fun.
Too bad it took two days to make and ten minutes to eat. Such is life.

Have you ever made your own rolls or chicken stock?
Any recent tetanus shots? Did it hurt you as much as it hurt me?


  1. I have made my own chicken stock. I've never made rolls, but my grandma used to make them from scratch and they were amazing.

  2. I wish we had one of those. I love places with books. :D even flea markets. and dont take me to a book stop b/c i can stay in there for hours.

    Would love for you to come join us at http://hotpinkowl02.blogspot.com/2014/03/blog-hop-2014.html

  3. I just made my own chicken stock last week! It was a lot of work, but definitely worth it!

  4. I make rolls from scratch every year for our family for Thanksgiving. They are awesome, if I do say so myself, but they take 4-5 hours, thus only making them once a year!

  5. Yes, I hate tetanus shots. They are from the devil. I got one in 1996 and my brother and sisters kept hitting my arm. It was awful. I refused to get one until 2011 when I knew I was leaving for Korea.

    I still want to make my own chicken stock but haven't yet! I need to. I bet it would be cheaper.

  6. i'm impressed with your cooking! i've made pizza dough many times and bread in a bread machine :) I think crackel barrel and road trips go very well together!

  7. Those rolls...they look A-MAZing! This carb-aholic would have been in Heaven! :)

  8. I'm impressed you made your own chicken stock! After many attempts, I'm finally getting good at making rolls (I use my mom-in-law's recipe and she's practically famous for making those things)! I have also started doing homemade bread recently... Mmmm.

  9. This is why I've almost given up on cooking. It shouldn't take more time to cook than to eat. Or maybe I should just start taking hours to eat.

  10. How did making your own chicken stock go?! That and roasting a whole bird are on my cooking bucket list.

    1. It actually wasn't that bad! It just took a while, but it was pretty much easy because you just put everything in a pot and let it cook. It sounds a lot more hard core than it actually is :) Don't tell!

  11. Yes, tetanus shots hurt. My last one (several years ago) was the day before belly dance class, and in class I could not keep my arms in the air (like we do in class) because my arm hurt so bad. I don't understand why tetanus is such a pain.

    What did you think of Outlander and The Secret Keeper? I've read both, so I'm curious to hear your thoughts. :)

  12. I think I'd be on the podium with you in the Olympic-Watching category. Spent two weeks glued to it.
    And I usually make my bread and rolls myself even if, like you said, it takes a looooong time! :)

  13. I've never tired rolls myself, but any kind of homemade bread is like a million times tastier than store-bought. Probably why I don't make it often because I will eat an entire loaf of homemade bread in a day....while I'll leave a store bought loaf alone till it gets moldy. I'm prejudiced, apparently.
    I've never made chicken stock either. My strategy is to just ignore the existence of chicken stock and make all my soups with water instead. Surprisingly, it tends to work pretty good. Of course I do put salt and pepper and cayenne pepper in all of my soups...so maybe they are just tasting different than chicken stock soups...

  14. i need more books! gotta love a library sale!
    you know, i only use the stove to brew some water to make some coffee,

  15. Those rolls look delish!
    And no, sadly I have not made my own, from scratch. does Pillsbury ready made count?
    I tried a bread I found on Pinterest, but it was rather dry, and no one really cared for it, so tossing that recipe.
    Never made chicken stock either - I opt for the broth you can buy. I just don't have the time or patience.
    Maybe someday....

  16. love the idea with the picture of the first day of every month!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  17. I LOVE Cracker Barrel, not so much for their food (which I do like) but for the memories it brings back of family trips. It was also my grand dad's favorite place to eat, so naturally I love it, too. The candy section is my favorite part, though! I love their soft peppermint sticks. :)

  18. We love the OKC booksale! We've gone every year for four years now- it's become a traditional date and we spend hours there. We're actually thinking about volunteering next year so we can shop early (and get free food)

  19. I've made a fair amount of stock and bread, but I don't think I've ever made rolls. They look delish! My last tetanus they sneaked in on me when I was in the hospital--after giving birth. I remember thinking--jeez, haven't I been through enough?? You and your hubby and very adorable.

  20. Oooh, I like this project and your post! I'm definitely getting a lot of blog inspiration from you! *HUGS* I got a flu shot and a whooping cough vaccine last week (one shot on each arm) and BOTH my arms were hurting so bad! I thought I was being such a big baby but on the second day, I could barely lift up my left arm!

    I LOVE book sales of any sort! Piles and piles of books anywhere are my jam! I've only been to the Cracker Barrel once but I loved it! Will be looking to go next time I head stateside!

  21. Looks like an intersting month you had! Yikes for being sick and the whole tetnus shot thing! Thankfully, I've never had one! All that food you made sound delicous! I've never made rolls or chicken stock from scratch! Kudos to you! I bet it was tasty :)

  22. I love going to the Friends of Library events. My library does them once every two weeks. Super cheap but I don't NEED any more books but I have gotten one, two or many! I love homemade rolls. They just smell so good baking.
    Sidenote: Ummm Jordan's beard is getting wicked long. :)

    1. Tell me about it! Or, rather, tell HIM about it.
      I just want my cute dimple face back! I tell him that it's "unruly," but he says "that's how they did it in the Civil War."

      Lord help me.

  23. I'm always impressed with readers! I'm not super great at it. Tyler isn't either. Nice job on your rolls! They look amazing! I had a tetanus shot right after the 2011 Joplin tornado. The same thing happened to my arm. I felt like some had bunched me really hard and that my arm was bruised. I couldn't left my arm either.

  24. Cracker Barrel sour cherries are the best!

  25. A date at Cracker Barrel sounds fantastic. Oh yum, I could have that for dinner right now!!! I haven't made chicken stock or rolls but I would LOVE to. I've actually been wanting to make chicken stock for so long.

  26. Tetanus shots are not fun- but I guess shots aren't supposed to be fun. Those rolls look to die for.- its good to make things from scratch.

  27. so much happiness in this post that i might reread for the smiles - but seriously? a friends of the library book sale and candy and couples pictures and those biscuits look heavenly. does your husband willingly agree to all these photographs? i have to bribe jon with pizza and remind him it's all for the photo albums... :)

    1. ha! willingly agree? no.
      i have to warn him the day before that it's happening, and then i have to promise him it won't take more than 10 minutes. i make sure the tripod is all ready to go, and all he has to do is sit down and smile :)

  28. I love the idea of taking 1 photo every month! My husband and I rarely have any photos together, so this might be something I have to start doing! And that library sale looked amazing! We absolutely love books, and have way too many for our own good! :)

  29. I love making homemade rolls and chicken stock but gosh they take a long time. Those rolls look delicious. Yummmy.

    Also, I have a prescription for a tetanus + whooping cough shot in my purse and I am procrastinating. I don't care for shots much....


  30. What is it about Cracker Barrel that's just so good? I love it! :) You and your cooking are impressive. Go girl. I've never made either.

  31. Adorable picture for the month! Also I looove Cracker Barrel--I love that they have the old time candy!! And I had to get a tetanus shot in January...it SUCKED!! My arm has never been so sore.

  32. I love making my own chicken stock! It makes your home smell amazing for DAYS :)


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