That's How It's Done.


My Project 12 posts have become my favorite to write. I love recapping my month and writing down the things I didn't blog about. (Spoiler alert: Despite what some of my friends think, I don't actually dedicate a blog post to everything that happens to me.) I'm excited to have these posts at the end of the year to remember everything I did during 2014.

[Check out: January | February]

One thing I decided to do as part of the project was take a picture with Jordan on the first day of every month. At the end of the year I will have twelve pictures of us from 2014, each taken one month apart, and I'll probably use the pictures to make a book on Shutterfly or something.

Someone commented on my February post and asked how I get Jordan to take pictures with me and smile so nicely. She said there's no way she could get her husband to do something like that.

To that I say, HA. Smile nicely for a picture?

Yes. Let's talk about that, shall we?

What you might see on this blog once a month is a cute picture of us smiling happily. 
Here's what you don't see:

This is the actual conversation that occurred on February 28

Me: So you know what tomorrow is right?

Jordan: Um... no.
Me: It's the first day of March!
Jordan: Okay?
Me: And guess what happens on the first day of the month.
Jordan: *blank stare*
Me: We take our first-day-of-the-month picture!
Jordan: *eye roll and large groan* Then: Do we have to do that?
Me: Yes we have to do it! I'm warning you now so you can prepare yourself.
Jordan: Fine.

*the next morning*

Me: Okay, I'm getting my camera ready. We're taking this picture in fifteen minutes.

Jordan: *dramatic sigh*
Me: I warned you this was coming last night. I'm setting up the tripod.
Jordan: But I just got out of bed. My hair is sticking straight out.
Me: Mine is too. Who cares about that?
Jordan: I do.
Me: Too bad.

So I get the camera and the tripod, and I set it up perfectly so everything is ready to go. Then I tell him it's ready and that all he has to do is sit down next to me and smile. Immediately after the "click," he's back at his computer, and I start packing up my tripod. 

"See you in a month," I tell him as I leave the room, and he shakes his head.

And that, my friends, is how it's done.

* * * 

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  1. Haha thanks for sharing the "behind the scenes" secrets. ;) You husband-whisperer, you!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is funny! My dad will literally put more effort into avoiding a picture than just smiling for two seconds and getting it over with. I don't think that I will ever understand . . .

  3. oooh, this post is inspiring me to do some trickiness with the tripod. maybe set it up secretly and then tell some jokes for some good candid shots? i'd have to make him laugh pretty fast though -- maybe quick food fight? ha, something to get a good quick photo without him knowing that he's just been... um... photo Xed? is there a word for when you sneak someone into a photo without them knowing? okay, this has gone on too long. i will update you on how this goes.

  4. I love this! Whenever I try to get a picture of my husband, his initial reaction is, "No, give me the camera, I'll take a picture of YOU doing" whatever it is I'm trying to get the picture of. It takes a lot of negotiation to get him to hold still for a photo.

  5. Haha! This is hilarious. And yes! I can relate completely. Love the photo of him running away!

    Also--I don't think I should be commenting this with this little sleep. Hence the need for the deleted comment. Posted it while half-way done on accident! :)

  6. My husband loves getting his picture taken and I always have to remind him to get one of me too so it is not like he just went on vacation by himself!

  7. love the shot of him running away...
    I have far too many shots of my hubby giving me the finger....that is how he feels about getting his picture taken.
    The ones where I happen to snap before the finger gets up, he looks so painfully annoyed. It is RARE I get one of a smile....
    You are lucky you get at least one a month!

  8. HAHA love. it.

    Mine is SO difficult when it comes to pictures. And if I ever get one of him, it turns into him chasing me while I'm squealing around the apartment trying to keep the camera away from him because he'll try to delete it. Every time, this happens. I have to catch him in a good mood and usually only if we're already out doing something fun before he'll take nice pictures.

  9. ha!!! i never understand why guys hate pictures so much! my husband used to hate them, but i take so many that i've created a monster out of him! now he's the one bugging me for a picture lol

  10. Michael always says, "Suuuure I'll take a picture with you!" And then never does. Sure, there are a feeeew times he has, but he makes a ridiculous face and claims "that just how he looks".
    It doesn't help that he's not a smiler. Ever. His sister isn't either. They fully accept it too. They just don't smile. It's weird. I'm the complete opposite. I smile when I'm happy or nervous or awkward or uninterested or confused or uncomfortable. Basically, I'm always smiling unless I'm angry.

    After looking back at what I said, it was completely pointless. I don't care. I'm posting this anyway.

  11. A behind the scenes look at the boy behind the smile. Ha ha!

  12. haha!!! I love the 'escape' picture!!! :) Camera shutters are too fast for you Sir! :)

  13. Hahahaha - this couldn't "capture" the process any better. I have no idea why (most) guys are so camera shy, but I wish mine wasn't. He also runs when I ask him to just take the picture for the blog post, not be in it!

  14. Haha. I love your power of persuasion! ;-)

  15. Lol. Too funny! What is it with men and groaning about pictures?! As if it's going to kill them.. mine does the same. Then I give him "that" look of death, remind him that he knew I was a picture freak before he married me, and then he smiles and the picture is taken. :)

  16. Haha! I love that you give him 24 hours to prepare himself for the picture.

  17. Ha, yes, I have many pictures of my husband in front of the computer. He's not a fan of pictures either.

  18. hahaha! Basically, that's it. Angel will take tons of goofy pictures of himself randomly so that I'll find them on my camera...but posing for a nice picture is a little harder. I think he's now accepted the fact that I'm guaranteed to want anniversary pictures every single year. ("Every year?!!")

  19. This is a cute post! Very interesting to see a behind the scenes!

  20. Hahahah this is exactly Caleb!!! Men are so funny, why can't they just suck it up?! Taking pictures would be a lot less painful if they just complied ;)

  21. Haha, I'm pretty sure I've had the same thing happen with Lamar a million times! He thinks I'm so silly when I want to take a photo of us when we are just hanging out. He especially makes fun of me when I'm taking photos of non-living things for the blog. He's like, "Here we go again!" I love that photo of him running away. Ha!

  22. Hilarious story, as always!

    Same story here, except I hate having my picture taken too, which means we have really really few pictures of us together. Which is ridiculous. We should follow your footsteps and have a 12 (well, 9) Project this year. At least we'll have something to look at when we're old and wondering what we looked like in our thirties.

  23. Pah ha ha ha! D would have no problem doing this. In fact, I'd probably be the one dramatic sighing! lol.

  24. I feel like my husband used to be much more tolerant of my picture taking obsessions, but for some reason it seems like now that they are for the blog, he's less interested, haha. I love the behind the scenes look and I do love your idea of taking a picture every month! That will be such a special set of pictures and fun to see how you've changed over the year :)


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