One Grandpa Walks into a Grocery Store...


Is anyone else still sweating it out over my last blog post? No? Just me? Okay then. I hit publish and literally had sweat dripping down my back. I guess that means I won't be running for congress any time soon. Can't handle the politics.

Let's move on to a topic that is much less controversial and much more fun like this guy: 

You will remember my grandpa as the unfortunate recipient of an inappropriate tie, which he wore to my cousin's wedding. If you don't know the story, you really MUST check it out and scroll to the end of the post for a picture of the offending article.

He is the sweetest, kindest man. Papa, we call him. He's turning 77 on July 26 and still works full time. The man is a nut! When I asked him why he didn't just retire already, he said, " Well, your grandma's dad retired and a year later he was dead."

You can't argue with that kind of logic. 

So this past week was a family reunion at the lake. Twenty-seven people, give or take a few, and we had a blast. One surprising highlight of my lake vacation was taking a trip to the store with Papa and Nonnie to get a few boxes of jello. For a 77-year-old, the dude speed-walks with the best of them. My grandma and I were left behind to scurry along in his wake.

This is how it went:

Those glasses kill me.


  1. I love your grandpa! (And those are some amazing shorts he's got.)

  2. Ahh, I love your grandparents! I don't know them but you make them seem like awesome people, so what's not to love? Ha!

  3. This is classic Pappa! I love the way you captured the moment!! Love the pics too! Keep up the great work! <3

  4. a picture posts are my favourite...not because of my short attention span no serious...mmhh cereals

    he looks like hell lot of fun and is your granny in a swimsuit? If so I am loving her style!

  5. your papa's rock!
    i believe your grandparents are great persons.
    mine are died already. both from my mom and dad. sometimes i miss my grandpa so much til it hurts. your papa reminds me of him. one thing that they have in similar is their spirit. it never fades.

  6. What a cute post! Your grandparents are adorable :) I love the pictures and that you captured such a simple moment but with such a heartwarming sentiment... It's those little moments!

  7. These are cute photos!

    And do you really call your grandma Nonnie? That's what we call my grandma, too! I've never met anyone else who has the same nickname for their grandma. Love it!

  8. Isnt he cute?! I love grandpas. They're the best. :)

  9. That is a great picture at the bottom! And your Grandma wore her bathing suit to the grocery store, which is just TOO MUCH HILARIOUS. I want to know, did you wear yours? C'mon. Spill.

  10. Your Grandpa made me smile!


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