My Favorite Chicago Places: The Popcorn Shop


I have a confession: I'm not really from Chicago. I grew up in a suburb of Chicago, but I tell people I'm from Chicago because it's an easier landmark. 

Chicago is my favorite city, and I love taking the train downtown to eat deep-dish pizza and see a Cubs game or go to the beach on Lake Michigan. But I also have some places in Wheaton that I love too. 

One of those is the popcorn shop.

It's literally an alleyway between two buildings that was made into a candy store. You can buy popcorn there too, but what we all come for is the candy.

The alley is only wide enough to stand in single file facing the wall of jars and boxes labeled from 5 cents all the way to $1. You can fill up a bag for pretty cheap if you count it right.

So you fill up a white paper bag with candy, and you pay with cash. Nickels, dimes, and dollar bills, which are counted out on a piece of wax paper by the cashier. Then you eat gummie worms and peach rings and swedish fish until your teeth rot from sugar.

It's just not a visit to Wheaton without a visit to The Popcorn Shop.


  1. Popcorn and candy are a close tie to my favorite guilty treats. I have to visit this place!

  2. Aw man, this place looks AWESOME!


  3. Ok- My sweet tooth is officially crying now haha! Candy is my weakness, and what a fun little shop!

  4. I love little shops like this! So much charm :) and now I want some candy...

  5. Love Chicago, and my sister brought me some popcorn from the popcorn shop the last time she was there, she went to Purdue University in Indiana, so, they were often in Chicago and she visits often! :)

  6. Will be putting this on my chicago to-do list for sure!! I'm a candy freak!

  7. This place looks adorable.I am heading to Chicago in July for a Bachelorette party. I'm not sure I'll have time to make it there, but wish I would.


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