I thought I'd join in today with Jenna's coffee date Friday linkup and give you a general life update, because I know you all are dying to know what's going on in the Bumgarner household.

We finally bought a car seat! You would not believe what a time I had trying to pick one of these things out. I had recommendations from friends and read reviews, but seriously, infant car seat, convertible car seat, eight thousand colors, and a price variation of a couple hundred dollars. Does it really need to be this difficult? Answer: no. And yet somehow it was. 

Jordan helped me pick one last week, and we ordered it and now that's done. In case you're interested, Baby Bum will not be cruisin' in a $200 seat. Try half that plus a 15% coupon at Target plus 5% off for using my Red Card = $87. I'm sure she won't mind.

I hung stuff! Or rather, my mom and brother and sister-in-law hung stuff. I am incapable of making any decisions (read above), and those decisions include decorating my house. Will there be a time I don't need my mom to help me with adult life? Judging from the way things are going, I'd say probably not. 

I'm still on high alert from the surprise birthday party I threw Jordan a week ago. I got so used to shielding the phone from him lest he see a suspicious text message that I've found myself still doing it. I don't know how people live double lives. I'm not cut out for it. 

Next week I will officially enter "the window," aka Baby Watch. I could have 3 weeks to go or I could have 5, but that's where it stops. The end is near, people. 

I'm over going to work. Over. It.

I still go, of course. And I sit there and do stuff like read and edit and finish things up before my maternity leave, but I won't lie and say I wouldn't rather be home with my feet up eating piles of ice cream. Or napping. Lots of napping.

I could write an entire blog post about how anxious I feel about the prospect of going back to work, finding childcare, affording childcare, and just that whole madness, but I'm going to spare you and myself. You're welcome. Just know that I do feel anxious about it, but I've seen God provide and know he will, and I have to learn that I have no control over the things I can't control. 

Namely, the fact that I have a passion for editing and not, say, finding gold.

There's more. Much more. I am a hormonal, waddling mess right now. But I don't have time to tell you about it. I need to get to bed.

In case you're wondering, these days I sleep like this, apparently. 

Jordan took this picture of me a few weeks ago, and I can't stop laughing about it. I mean seriously is this for real? He showed it to me the next morning and said, "I was going to move your arm, but instead I just took a picture and laughed at you." That's true love right there, people. Hey, at least I'm sleeping at night. Whatever it takes to get comfortable.


  1. Major score on the car seat, getting a good deal always makes me happy for days!

  2. I like that print you hung in your kitchen. And of course I can't wait to hear news of your baby's arrival!

  3. Nice job on the car seat deal! I love a good bargain!

  4. Ahhh!!! So close! :D

    And girl, I would be completely lost without my mother. I'm 27. It's ridiculous.

  5. I'm pretty good at doing my own research for stuff, but sometimes I just want my mom's opinion anyway. Internet reviews are so impersonal. I'm so excited for you! And lol at the sleeping picture. My sister's dog sometimes sleeps with half his body hanging off the couch, so... you're comparably normal. :P

  6. The whole maternity leave situation in the US drives me insane and I'm not even pregnant.

    But on a lighter note: you look amazing but also like you're at serious risk of getting slammed into. Best of luck with these last few weeks!

  7. LOL YOUR ARM. Jim and I always take pictures of the other sleeping because we're diabolical like that.

    I need my mom for basically everything too still. I feel you.

  8. Yay for good deals! That is a wicked steal. Also, I think I love your kitchen cabinets. Are they distressed? Very pretty. The picture too.

    PS: if you think you're going to put baby B in traditional daycare, I'd start looking now. In my experience, it's pretty hard to find because most daycares are only allowed to have one newborn per caretaker. Unless you already have that figured out, in which case - just ignore this part. :o)

  9. A car seat! And I love that print! BUT WTF YOUR ARM?!??!!?

  10. So glad you are trusting God to provide! He is so faithful!

    I would be totally checked out of work too - I'm sure it's SO hard to focus!!!!

  11. So close! And trusting God really is best (though you already know that). In my experience, when we try to figure things out ourselves, we only close off opportunities for Him to do something far bigger than we could've imagined in the first place.
    PS - where did you get your art print from? So cute!

  12. I think these posts with little snapshots of your daily life are some of my favorites! I'm impressed with moms-to-be who work right up until the end... I could hardly even sit through church during the last few weeks of pregnancy. And ouch to that arm! Happy weekend, Amanda!

  13. Hahaha, that photo of you. I can't stop laughing! Lamar says I sleep really strangely with my arms all over the place too. I'm sure it is overwhelming to think about returning to work after your leave is over. You're right in that God will provide! I'm so excited for you, Amanda. I can't believe it's getting so close!

  14. Your sleeping picture cracked me up--- that looks so painful and uncomfortable!! Great job on the deal of a carseat, you know I love savings! :) I'm praying everything works out soon for the childcare/maternity leave/working situation... I honestly stress about that myself and I'm not even expecting yet. I know it's a lot to figure out but we serve an awesome God! :) xo

  15. that picture is hilarious!
    that's fabulous about getting a car seat. i'm sure you know, but just remember that all car seats have to pass the minimum safety and all that jazz. the features on the more expensive one are for convenience only. it's not like you're buying a cheaper one and it won't protect her or whatever. anywhoozits.
    love that print - super cute. and good luck with day care and all that jazz!

  16. Ah the joys of childcare anxiety! This is what keeps me up at night.

  17. Just think! Someday Baby Bum will need YOUR help dealing with adult life! :)

    I take photos of my husband when he falls asleep in weird positions, or when he and the cat start napping together, so that arm pic is awesome.

  18. The way you are sleeping is CRACKING me up! Did you wake up with a numb arm!? That happens to me every now and again and I hate feeling like I lost a limb while I slept ;) I'll be praying for the anxiety that comes along with finding childcare/etc. God will definitely provide :) YAY for finding a car seat for such a great deal!!

  19. Everyone needs their mom WAAAAAAY into their adult life! Those of us whose moms show up when we need them, though, should count ourselves beyond blessed.

  20. Nordic countries are the ones to live in when it comes to parental leave. They're amazing.
    All my friends have struggled at work at the end of their pregnancy. You're all superwomen! :)

    And that arm. That arm! I love this photo of you!

  21. You are ALL BABY! I'm always so impressed by expecting mothers who have just a bump and nothing else. Teach me your ways? I'm trying to learn as much about pregnancy and baby stuff while there's no clock ticking. I'm also already trying to prep my husband who doesn't have 15+ years of baby-sitting/nannying experience under his belt.

  22. My mother-in-law bought us a car seat and stroller without asking us our preferences at all. It's not at all what I would've picked, but I was so thankful I didn't have to make a decision that I don't even mind.

    I think all the time about how it seems like I need my mom so much more now than I did as a kid. And once you have a baby? You need her even more.

    Going to work those last few weeks of pregnancy was murder. All you want to do is stay home and rest, everything hurts, you're uncomfortable, there's so much to do to prep for maternity leave, and it just sucks. I remember it so well. You're almost there! And you're right. God always provides.

  23. What a deal on the car seat! That can not be comfortable sleeping with your arm that way!!

  24. yay for carseats! and girllll get that discount! #worthit!
    also, your distressed cabinets = LOVE.
    from all of my family and friends, anxiety about those things is normal
    but that doesn't make it any easier to swallow!
    keep trusting that the Lord will go before y'all <3 <3
    (that sleeping picture still cracks me up!)

  25. That picture, though. Absolutely cracks me up. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night and my arm is completely asleep and I'm terrified to move it for fear of breaking a bone and not realizing I did it. Just me?

  26. You guys have the most romantic relationship ever.
    Also, my mom is 100% aware that I will always call her with questions about How To Adult. I think it's normal.

  27. That sleeping pic just kills me! Oh my gracious, that looks so painful. I showed it to Christopher when I saw it on Instagram and he just shook his head and said "that's not right" haha!

    Sorry about all the emotional turmoil right now. I'm sure that's just part of the process. But no fun. I'm sure you guys will find the best child care option for Baby B! I mean, you figured out the car seat, right?! That's good to have marked off the to-do list. Everything else will fall into place too. :)

  28. Oh you are such a cute prego :) Best of luck Amanda!! Looks like these are falling in place, and of course it will all work out!!


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