Project 12 // June


*Project 12: A photo on the first day of every month*

The Husband's Secret: 3.5 stars
Fluffy read that I felt would be good for the beach. The story was interesting, and I did not feel like the secret was a letdown. Some cursing and non-graphic sex scenes, just FYI.

Gathering Blue: 3 stars
The book took a while to get going, and then just when it was getting interesting, it was over, so that was kind of a bummer. But interesting story!

^^^This is our old bedroom in our apartment.

WE MOVED! This is a huge and notable event in our lives. I may or may not find time to write a post about the moving process, but here's the bottom line: moving has been a very stressful process for us. I kind of want to hit people when they say, "Have fun moving!" That is not a thing, okay?

Last month we paid rent and mortgage plus double on all our utilities, and our budget did not like that. I'm happy to be paying just one of everything now, and hopefully the more stuff we unpack the more this place will feel like home and not just like we're sleeping over in someone else's house. I feel severely overwhelmed with the amount of things we need to find places for, not to mention a baby is coming soon and will need a mattress for her crib. So yeah.
I hit 30 weeks pregnant! People keep asking me how I'm feeling, and I keep saying great! I seriously feel really good, minus a few aches and pains. You can read my 33-week bump update here.

^^^ We put the crib together! And by we, I mean Jordan, his brother, and his dad put the crib together while I watched. The nursery has nothing on the walls or anything really in place, but at least we have a crib now.
^^^Another notable event was eating Sonic shakes like four times last month. We were cracking up because we had just been saying, "Ice cream sounds good," when a Sonic commercial came on TV for half-prices shakes after 8:00. Marketing for the win.

We waited until halftime of the Blackhawks game (holler! Stanley Cup champions!) and drive to Sonic, where we were DUMB and ordered Sonic blasts instead of shakes and therefore paid full price. Sonic: 1, Bumgarners: 0.
Our big travel event was a trip to the Bahamas the first weekend of June. 

We also went to an Oklahoma City minor league baseball game for a friend's birthday.

In June we were mostly focused on packing and moving, and we spent more than a few nights overwhelmed and stressed out. We are now in our new house, and July is birthday month for both of us, so it hopefully should be a good one! We're hoping Baby Bum keeps cooking and doesn't make an extra early appearance. I really just don't think I could handle all three of us sharing a birthday month. Truth.

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Lindsay {Typically Late} said...

Sonic!! Ummm.... yum. Might need that in my life ASAP - I have been all about ice cream and frozen treats lately.

Love your gray dress in the 30 week picture - looks comfy and casual.

shelleystirs said...

Loved your July birthday comment! We have two winter birthdays here, and it's so fun for our budget right after Christmas (sarcasm noted, right?).

Kayla MKOY said...

This sounds like a great month for you guys! I agree, moving can be insanely stressful but hopefully with each box you unpack your new place will feel more and more like home! YAY for birthday months!!!! :)

Ali said...

This happens to me with Dairy Queen all summer long. Just when my sweet tooth starts knocking, all of a sudden a DQ commercial comes on. Eerie.

Sara Oss said...

I like your picture - one doesn't often see a Cubs (ick; go Sox) logo near a cowboy hat. Sonic really does have brilliant marketing. They have national ad campaigns even though they aren't a national chain. One finally did open up in my college town and there was a line doubled around the building for the first few weeks. The cops were there!! And trust me- cops in my college town had much better things to do...

Andrea H. said...

Hooray for the moving insanity to be over!! :) Both of those books are on my to-read list. I've heard similar mixed-ish reviews on them, but I'll still give them a shot. And yay for July birthdays...mine is in there, too :)

Amy said...

girlllll so much is happening!
and your hair is so beautifully long!

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

move + 30 weeks + bahamas!! Quite the eventful month!!!! So glad the move is OVER! Those are never fun!

Unknown said...

But then you could buy her a mini-version of your "It's my birthday month" tee-shirt and you could all wear one and that would be the cutest thing on earth. Right?

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

June was so busy! I bet you're excited for the birthday month fun to begin and the chaos to subside. Half-priced shakes at Sonic are on my summer to-do list. Good call on the blast versus shake thing though. I totally would have messed that up if you didn't say something.

Oh and I'm with you on moving. I DO NOT understand anyone who thinks that is a fun process. There is nothing fun about it. One of my most least favorite things.

Food, Booze, & Baggage said...

Happy Birthday Month!!! Glad you guys got moved! And yay you have a crib. Moving is never fun, and I could not image being pregnant and doing it...blah :( You look super cute in your bump picture!

Erin LFF said...

Woo, Birthday month!! I feel like it could be kinda' fun if Baby Bum joined you in July though ;) So much to celebrate! I love that bump picture, you are lookin' great friend! So glad to hear you are feeling so good too.

Rach said...

Oh man, all three of you sharing a birthday month would definitely be a bit intense! All three of my sisters were born in December and my brother is a January baby. Then there's me... in July... by myself. It's kind of awesome. :D

I'm so sorry to hear that moving has been so stressful for you guys! Hopefully you will be all unpacked and feeling like it's home soon!

Sarah @ Sometimes Photojenik said...

The first time I ordered a sonic shake I got a blast on accident- I think everyone has done it once and then they learn. On that note... Aren't their shakes SO good? Whoever told you to have fun moving clearly has not ever done it because moving is awful and terrible. I hope baby bum waits too- 3 birthdays in July that's a LOT.

Rachel said...

Angel, me, and my mom all have birthdays in the latter half of July, along with one of our closest friends here in Malaysia...and another friend is getting married on my mom's birthday this month. Our July will be SO CELEBRATORY. haha!
A place for the baby to sleep is probably fairly necessary, so that's good you've got that. :) I read Gathering Blue on our trip to Cambodia, and then I read Messenger, which kind of continues the story, but from a different angle, and now I'm in the midst of Son, which is the last of the connected books, I think. So far, I like Son the best.

Candace Shiflet said...

dang girl, what a busy and fun month! woo baby coming soon and woo crib!! and yay moving, too! so exciting but also so stressful. it might take a couple weeks and some decorating but it will feel like home before you know it :) plus as least baby girl has her crib. so jealous of your Bahama trip! the pictures are beautiful! I have always wanted to stay at the atlantis hotel soo bad!
xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

Miss Nutralicious said...

I don't think I could have tackled moving to a new house while I was pregnant. I'm pretty sure I would have just laid on my side and cried. Then, I would have cried harder because I couldn't lay on my back. Either you are a superhero or there is some kind of magical ingredient in Sonic blasts.

Also, my daughter was due the first week of March, but she was born the last week of February, so we are a family of 3 with 3 February b-days. Family birthday month for the win!

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

Friend, I'm so sorry moving was so stressful. I can relate! I was very stressed when we moved from Oklahoma to nowhere then to Asia! It is a lot of stress on a marriage so I can't imagine being pregnant with it! However ... YOU ARE MOVED! Yay! I hope you get unpacked soon and can feel more at home.

Your pregnancy picture in the gray dress is really cute. I'm sure you have chosen pictures to print by now of that post you posted waaaay back when of pregnancy pictures but I love the ones where you are laughing. I think those were my favorite.

Hope your July goes smoothly and that you feel ready for August and Baby Bum =)