5 Things that Make Me Uncomfortable


“What things make you uncomfortable?” I posed this question on the TLO Facebook page and got some funny responses. Here are a few that came to mind for me, although I’m certain there are more. Leave a comment below with some of yours!

1. Hugs

Look. I know this will probably make me sound like a scrooge with a Grinch heart, but here’s the thing: why do we feel the need to hug everyone all the time? I just saw you yesterday! I will see you tomorrow! 

Hugs. Why.

I make exceptions for family, of course. And best friends or friends you haven’t seen in a while. Your mom, of course. And for events where a hug is appropriate such as a wedding or funeral. But on a regular day-to-day basis, I would much rather prefer that we both keep our hands and arms inside the ride at all times.

Picture this scenario: A group of friends are hanging out (probably for girls’ night because let’s be honest: this hugging thing is mostly a girl problem), and then it’s time for one person to leave. Instead of grabbing her purse and saying goodbye and leaving, that person starts walking around the room handing out individual hugs like they’re dying or shipping off to Australia or something. This kind of situation is the thing of my nightmares, and I have been known to follow said hugger around the room for the sole purpose of avoiding the hug. Because if you’re behind them at the end, they get confused and think we’ve already hugged it out. I know because I have done this many times.

In a perfect world we would all stand around nodding and grinning at each other like idiots. No fist bumps. No high fives. No hugs. Just lots of nodding.

2. People kissing on TV

Specifically, people on reality TV kissing. More specifically, kissing while in a hot tub. (Because they always end up in a hot tub! Why? Hot tubs are hot by definition, and then you’re getting up right against someone and pressing your faces together. It’s a wonder more people don’t pass out in these types of situations.)

Also more specifically, people kissing on reality TV in a hot tub using tongue.*

Ain’t nobody wanna see that.

*This pretty much rules out The Bachelor for me completely. It’s just too much uncomfortableness.

3. Wearing leggings as pants with a short shirt

I will admit that I’m totally on board with leggings as pants. So comfy! So stretchy! So like sweatpants but not! However, I’ve never seen anyone ever who looked good wearing leggings as pants and a short shirt. Look in the mirror and just say no. Please wear a shirt that’s long enough to cover your butt! I beg of you.

4. Making a joke that fails

It won’t shock you to know that I think I’m pretty funny. I know that’s not being modest or humble, but whatever. I have my dad’s quick wit and I love being sarcastic, and I am pretty good at getting some laughs. 

HOWEVER, is there anything more uncomfortable than trying to make a joke and it failing completely? I think not. I shudder just thinking about it.

Awkward silence and… then I found ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Because that’s how much I would pay to go back in time and not make that comment. Yes, it’s that uncomfortable.

5. Passing a stranger on the sidewalk

I don’t think I need to explain this one. You’re walking. She’s walking. You look at your feet and spend way too much energy trying to decide the precise moment when you should glance up. It needs to be just in time to give them a friendly and hopefully non-stalkerish head nod but not too early that you end up making awkward eye contact as you walk toward each other. 

On the bright side, at least there’s no chance of a hug.


#6: Butt cracks.

I really think that’s all I need to say about that. This whole problem would be solved with longer shirts. See also: #3

(6a: Typing "butt crack" into the online dictionary so you can see whether or not it's one or two words. It didn't show up as one, so I'm going with two, in case you're wondering.)

What things make you uncomfortable?


  1. Church meet-and-greets in the middle of services. They're so cursory, so unnatural. Plus, should you stay where you are or travel around the sanctuary? Is your friend across the room coming to see you, or you her? What if no one does? Should you just sit down?

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    2. My church does half-time before the teaching! It works great--you can get up, refill coffee, grab another bagel, and say hello to friends (or make new ones). There's a timer up on our screens, and everyone makes it back to their seats eventually. It's nice because it doesn't feel as rushed, and if no one's talking to you, just drink your coffee and relax. ;)

    3. Oh my YES! I can't stand this! It doesn't foster actually getting to know anybody, much less make a visitor feel welcome! I would LOVE halftime! :)

    4. YES! That time is so awkward and I don't think it is super beneficial either. You don't really talk about things in a personal way. It's just weird!

  2. Thinking about the uncomfortable things in this post made me uncomfortable ;) But really, you hit the nail on the head with pretty much all of these! I'm totally that girl who tries to make eye contact with everyone I pass on the sidewalk. I feel like it more awkward NOT to! I also don't walk a lot of places so maybe I would feel different if it happened 27x a day.

  3. bahahaha yes! especially #5... like all the time... i've never found the sidewalk more interesting than when i'm waiting for an acceptable time to glance up and acknowledge someone passing!

  4. I completely agree on the leggings thing! I am all for lettings as pants, but a long shirt is a must! Otherwise it's just awkward.

  5. The hot tub kissing! I can't handle it. I have to get up and leave the room. THOSE NOISES. NOPE.

  6. i love that you used australia as the destination haha. i do like hugs for family and close friends, and i might hug my friends when i haven't seen them in months, but i really don't like hugging people i 'have' to hug. when i left my christmas party last year, my CEO hugged me IT WAS SO WEIRD.
    i agree with leggings as pants. when i'm working out, i don't care, my tops are almost always long enough anyway, but if they are pretending to pants, it all needs to be covered. i don't want to see your junk lol.

  7. Yes to all of these! I am not a hugger, so it's weird when I'm around someone who is. I have a sister in law who just wants to hug allllll the time! We don't see each other often, but if we're there for a visit, then we get hugs every.single.time we're together. Each day. Hello hug and good bye hug. Maybe an extra one thrown in somewhere. I know it's because she misses us and loves us, but enough already!

  8. Yes to all of the above. I'm for sure not a hugger. Or, at the very least, not a hugger initiator.

    And can we just say that the side hug is the worst of them all because your face always touches the other persons and it's just horrific.

  9. Just a little FYI - a coworker totally just showed his butt crack less then 5 minutes before I read this so I had to laugh :)
    ... sorry ... I am such a hugger. I hug everyone. I guess I need to learn that not everyone enjoys it. but if anything, I do apologize to people when I hug them - I'll say, "Sorry, I'm a hugger" :) haha

  10. I totally agree on hugging. I've pretty much resigned myself to the idea that it's a nonnegotiable with one particular set of friends.

    And leggings are great, but the booty should be covered for sure.

    It makes me uncomfortable when people I don't know well talk about their health issues. I think that's the HR person in me. Keep it HIPAA compliant, people.

  11. You just need to go to Brazil or South America or the Philippines for a month and you'll be cured from not loving hugs! I think it is a cultural thing. In Brazil we huge and give a side kiss on the cheek. HOWEVER, it's not an American thing and I can switch between cultures really fast.

    I'm going to send you a free hug shirt. ha ha ha! A matching one for you and R.

    I like leggings. I think that it might depend on the type of leggings worn. If they are the thin ones than it is awkward but if they are like Nike running leggings than I think it is okay.

    I'm not sure what I think is awkward right now. Living in Asia made a lot of things less awkward because I just don't care as much. =)

  12. Oh my goodness, number 5. Yes. This is so true.

    I like hugs, but about half of my friends aren't huggy type people. I've learned over the years which people are huggers and which aren't just by watching their body language when they are hugged and by seeing if they ever initiate hugs. I know that sounds a little much, but I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, you know?

    Funny story about hugs... earlier this week a security guard at our grocery store who I always smile at and say hello to (but otherwise have not had any real conversation with) hugged me. I walked in the door and he smiled real huge and said "Hi there!" and hugged me. I kid you not. He's an older guy maybe in his 60s and super friendly so it wasn't awkward. Surprising, but weirdly it wasn't too awkward.

  13. Your list! It's totally me! All of rhem... I especially do not like hugs. Ever. Not even people I don't see often... lol

  14. Heh! This is hilarious! Loved your list! And I agree with you on all of them...except #1--I'm ok with hugs. It is hard figuring out which friends and acquaintances want to be hugged and which ones don't though!

  15. This is such a fun post! :) I love hugs, I can't help it! But I definitely don't need hugs a million times in one night!

    Things that make me uncomfortable? Loose, noodle-like handshakes. UGH!

  16. I am so with you on the hugging. The worst is when a co-worker leaves and hugs everyone. I never know what to do. So awkward. I also hate when I think someone is talking to me and I answer but then realize they were talking to someone else. Ughhhh.

  17. Are we the same person?! EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THOSE! You had me on hugs, but once I kept reading, I finally discovered I think we're soul sisters. Ha!

  18. You typed "butt crack" into an online dictionary? You're braver than I am.

  19. 100% agree with you on the making out in a hot tub! If I'm hot already I definitely don't want somebody to be all up in business making me even hotter!

  20. This post had me rolling! And I'm 100% with you on the hugs. When I'm leaving, I do a quick wave, and yell bye as I'm walking out the door, to avoid the million hugs. Another thing that makes me uncomfortable, being referred to as someone's "best friend" - feels almost juvenile and suffocating. it's a wonder I have friends 😂Hah

  21. Ah, you would LOVE it in France, where you greet and say goodbye to people by cheek kissing them. We don't really do hugs there though, but I bet that would be worse for you than hugs. :)

  22. I'm a part of a community at church that is big on hugs, and I'm learning that with most people, I am just not a hugger. Some people, it's okay. Some days, it's okay. But mostly, I just don't want to do it. And a resounding Y E S to leggings as pants without a shirt that covers your butt! It doesn't make sense to me. The biggest offenders? The people who are a little curvier. I rank myself right up there with the curvier folks, but I refuse to wear leggings unless they're under a very long tunic, and even then, sometimes I'm uncomfortable.

  23. #1 and #5 are the most true for me. I am not a hugger outside of Angel and little kids. None of my siblings are touchy and neither is my entire family. We'll hug after not seeing each other for a long time but that's it. Angel hugs everybody and I cringe with them.
    I don't mind kissing scenes in movies as long as they make sense...I pretty much don't watch reality TV so I've never seen it there but I can imagine it's somehow weirder when they aren't actors or characters in a film. My little sisters run out of the room the instant anyone kisses on screen...probably has something to do with our anti-affection policy. We all claim we've never seen our parents' kiss and we intend never to see such a thing. I'm not saying that's a healthy attitude and it's probably downright bizarre in most families (and definitely everyone in our family has seen me and Angel kiss before so we're not taking it to the next generation), but that's just the way it is in ours...

  24. I don't necessarily mind seeing people kiss on reality TV but what I can't stand is hearing people kiss on reality TV. Can they not turn the mics down for that part? Ugh!

  25. I love your #1. There are two kinds of people: those who are huggers, and those who aren't! #5 is even more awkward if you end up doing that dance of infinite awkwardness where you're both trying to move out of each others' way at the same time and stepping right in front of each other 3-5 times in a row.


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