Dare to Serve


Just popping in quickly to share a special prayer request for this coming week and also unique ministry to support. This is not at all sponsored or anything else (although I do have a family connection, as you will see).

My dad operates a nonprofit in Dallas/Fort Worth area called Dare to Serve where he works with kids at local high schools, doing Bible studies and various service projects. He has given Bibles to kids who have never had one before, visited students in jail, and had some really neat opportunities to share the Gospel with people who had never heard it before.

This coming week, he and my mom are taking four high schoolers to a local church camp. My mom said they visited the houses of each kid recently and spoke with their parents to get final forms signed, etc. The kids are from low-income areas and are SO excited to attend this camp. (My parents had to do personal background checks and everything that goes into this kind of trip, just to be clear!)

The camp costs $240 per kid, but Dare to Serve is only charging them $25 and paying for the rest. Anything you donate (tax deductible) will go directly to paying for their camp fees this week. Even $10 will help because my parents will be buying these canteen bracelets for each student to use during the week, and they are $10 each! So don't think that a little won't mean a lot to these students.

You can find out more information and donate online here. Many of these families don't know Jesus, and this is a great opportunity for the kids to go learn. Please consider supporting this ministry, and you can especially be in prayer for the students and my parents this week.

Also, if you don't already have a charity for the Amazon Smile program, consider using Dare to Serve, especially when you are shopping for Prime Day! This would be an easy way to donate without it costing you anything extra while you make purchases!

Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments. Thanks for reading! I don't feel led to make religion the focus of this blog, but my relationship with Jesus is vitally important in my life, and I am always open for questions if you would like to know more about that :)
Torrie said...

This is so awesome! Your dad sounds like such a great guy, and a great example. Thanks for sharing!

Amie said...

What an awesome thing they are doing!!

Rach said...

What an amazing ministry!

Audrey Louise said...

Your parents are incredible! What a great opportunity for those students <3