Today is my birthday! I'm 32 and definitely settled into my 30s now... I hate to say that 32 sounded SO OLD to me at one point, but it's really not, I promise! ;)

I had J right before I turned 31 last year and spent my birthday on maternity leave at home with my babies. This year I have to work, which I avoid if I possibly can so I won't lie and tell you I'm not super bummed to spend my birthday this way. But I'm going to pick the kids up and take them to lunch with me, and then in the evening we will eat dinner and have cupcakes and sing happy birthday as a family, and really that's all I need out of life.

I love my crew and feel so blessed to spend my birthday with them! 
It's also exactly one month until R turns three! I can't even. Someone hold me. Also, please note that when I want R to take a nice photo she gives me the worst cheese face, but when we are taking a funny photo she hits us with a perfect smile. Toddlers are evil geniuses, I tell you.

Comments turned off. I'm just going to assume you are wishing me a happy birthday ;)