A Snapshot of Summer


The problem with not blogging as often as I used to is that I get backed up on events and photos to edit and share about. And that's less annoying for you than it is for me, truly, because I actually do enjoy editing a few of the hundreds of pictures I take and making sure some of them see the light of day. Because there are so.many.pictures.

Does anyone else get overwhelmed with pictures? I find a daily struggle with trying to enjoy the moment without feeling the need to capture it while also wanting to capture it because it's so cute and hello I can't rely on my memory to hold everything in. I am 32 now, after all ;)

R is turning 3 in just about 3 weeks, and I am finally at a stage in my parenting journey where holidays and events are fun. Like, actual fun not just "let's take our 9-month-old baby to this thing they don't care about at all and pretend like they will actually remember whether or not they had a good time." 

I don't mean that to say you shouldn't take your 9-month-old baby to stuff. But what I'm saying is, whenever I see someone post on Facebook about what they should get their infant for Christmas, I want to say WHATEVER YOU WANT BECAUSE THEY DON'T CARE. I wouldn't shout, of course. But you get the idea.

Anyway, my actual point here is that R has been totally aware of and into the recent holidays and it's been awesome. Seeing life through a child's eyes and all of that. On Valentine's day, Jordan took her to the store to get groceries, and she helped him pick out some flowers for me. They came home, and she raced in holding red roses, shouted "Happy Valentine's Day!" and threw them at me. Half the flowers lost all their petals, and Jordan and I laughed about it all night.
This summer has been so fun because she is excited about everything. During the first of June, I took her to swimming lessons at our community pool. I bought her a coverup to wear, and she's been obsessed with it all summer so far. We also had such a better experience than last year. Last year was a struggle to get through the entire half-hour lesson without her waving her arms and widely signing "all done" through tears. This year she asked every day, "Are we going to swimming lessons today?" and then talked all about how she was learning to kick and blow bubbles and practiced wearing a life jacket. I didn't think she'd enjoy it that much or I would have signed her up for a second session.

I don't have a ton of days off this year because our trip to Europe this fall is taking most of them (such a rough life, I know), but I did take off a half day on J's birthday. I left R at daycare and picked him up at lunch so we could spend the afternoon together. And I know what you're thinking. I just ranted about how infants don't care about things like this, but that afternoon was 100% not for him. It was for me. We went home and I held him for a nap because I don't get to usually. When he woke up we went out on the back porch to play in the kiddie pool before going back to daycare to get R early and head home to cook dinner. It wasn't fancy, but it was special for me and I'm thankful I was able to do it.

My great-aunt and uncle live in Oklahoma City and have the best backyard I've ever seen. Last weekend we went over there to swim on Sunday afternoon. It's been so hot here lately, but that afternoon was one I didn't want to end. The wind chimes sounded like a musical, the pool was the perfect temperature, and there were popsicles and homemade banana nut cake. It was one of those days where you're just thankful to be alive, and you don't even care if that sounds cliche or not.

At this point I've given up thinking I'm ever going to write a separate blog post about my cousin's wedding we went to in June, so I'll just share some pictures. I found J an adorable pair of jeans and suspenders from H&M off someone on Kidizen, and R and J had a matching bowtie/pigtail combo. Of course, I couldn't get them to sit still for a picture together, but I've (sort of) made my peace with the fact that getting an almost 3-year-old and a 1-year-old to sit still for a picture just isn't going to happen.

There weren't a ton of small kids at the wedding, and it's not an exaggeration to say that R put on quite a show. She was dancing to the beat of her own music while the adults got drinks and took pictures, and I got a few comments like, "Well she certainly isn't shy..." My girl loves to sing and dance! We didn't plan on staying until the end, but we ended up waving the bride and groom off with glowsticks around 10:30. J was a trooper but couldn't hang and eventually passed out around 9:45. My grandma held him while we danced and chased R around and took silly pictures in the photo booth.
The next day we played all afternoon at my aunt's pool and left for home around 5:00. We were worried the timing would be terrible for the kids, arriving home in time to put them to bed again, but they were so tired from our weekend festivities that they both fell asleep within 5 minutes of being in the car, slept the entire 3 hours back to Oklahoma, transferred from the carseat to bed, and slept all night until 7 the next morning!
A couple of weekends ago, Jordan and I went to another wedding, this time for friends of ours. Jordan was a groomsman, and I wore my new StitchFix dress that randomly matched his tie perfectly. For so long I was a little skeptical of StitchFix, and while I still think it can be a bit pricy, it is really fun to do every few months. Glad I kept the dress!
Between all of that, J of course turned 1 and had his birthday party and we also celebrated my brother's birthday in Texas at a fun waterpark. Then were was 4th of July, which R was SUPER excited about. Girlfriend could not get enough of the fireworks or of waving her mini American flag. Maybe I'll post some pictures of that soon!

Basically even though I'm working, it's been such a fantastic summer for us so far, and I feel so blessed and so thankful for it all.

Amie said...

I feel similar with Bowen lately. He doesn't turn 3 until November but all of the sudden it's not complete chaos to take him to a family get together! He will actually sit down like everyone else and eat...oh so nice! We have done a tone of stuff with him on the weekends like going to the beach and stuff and it's actually fun :)

Maria said...

I agree that all of the holidays, vacations, special dates are 100% for us at this point! I am pretty sure N would rather be left at home, thumbing through her books than out and about, but we still try. We ARE listening to her though regarding her birthday party. The poor thing is so scared of strangers (mostly men at this point) and having our friends over for party would just be torture for her. So instead, we are doing a day at the aquarium that she won't remember :) A part of me feels terrible for not having a party for her, but that's just what society does to a person. Haha.

Oh my goodness. That backyard is a dream as are J's suspenders! It looks like you are really taking advantage of all that summer has to offer. And you top it off with a fall Europe trip!

Audrey Louise said...

These pictures are gorgeous! That one of R in the yellow cover-up is beautiful!! Also, brb I'm going to move into that backyard right now. WOW.

Kaity B. said...

I loved your little afternoon with J for this birthday. Too sweet <3

Jen said...

I love all of these pictures. I struggle with taking enough and also feeling like I'm enjoying the moment. It's a hard balance sometimes.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I know exactly what you mean about the moments for you! I think that about Jack all the time...so many things he won't remember, but I will!

Carolann @ Finding Ithaka said...

J's birthday sounds so perfect. I love that you were able to spend that time with him. He won't remember it but you'll never forget it.

Sarah @ Sweet Miles said...

You're having a great summer!! I know what you mean about working though. But, I'm so thankful A's school does tons of fun activities that I could never do with her at home, so that helps a ton! PS still love that stitchfix dress on you!

Laura Darling said...

I feel like R just arrived on the scene and now she is going to be 3?! I can't believe that! Looks like you guys are having so much fun! You looked beautiful at the wedding!

Rach said...

I'm glad you were able to take some time for just you and J on his birthday! He may not remember it, but I'm sure he loved it in the moment. And like you said, it's more for you anyway. It's so fun getting to see little ones enjoy the simple moments. And I love that R is at an age now when she is really getting into the holidays! That's awesome!

Also, your dress at the wedding was on point. Love it! And J's suspenders - so precious. It looks like summer has treated your family very well! <3

Rachel said...

Glad you've had an awesome summer! What you said about Christmas presents for an infant, I've actually been thinking recently that this Christmas will be pretty cool because I can just buy Cyrus whatever I want to because he doesn't have any opinions on stuff. It's awesome. :P

Jenny Evans said...

You can also pick his Halloween costume for the first 2-3 years, too. ;)

Jenny Evans said...

That is pretty sweet when you have a child who's like, a real person who can be aware of holidays! Of course, don't let that fool you. Phillip just jokes we should lock our kids in a closet until they're 10 because before that they remember nothing. I try to tell myself we're building relationships but only I will have actual memories.