Warning: Don't Wear Pumas While Hiking


I often injure myself.

It's always something completely legit....like tripping over my own feet, hitting my elbow on a door, or, in this case, sliding down a large rock while hiking on Oklahoma's own Mt. Scott. (I blame my super cute, traction-less purple Pumas.)

It was horribly embarrassing. It hurt. And despite what it might look like in this picture, it bled a lot too. Yet another scar to add to my growing number.
While I was having my near-death experience--Me vs. Huge Bolder--my Southern gent was busy being a typical male, staring certain death in the face with every step as he climbed farther and farther away. You can sort of see him. Way. Down. There. He barely would have been able to hear my death cries.Lucky for me, he arrived back at the top just in the nick of time. Late enough to be of absolutely zero help to me, but early enough to catch the tail end of the laughter that always comes after one of my clutzy moves.

And that's why you should not wear Pumas while hiking. Don't say you haven't been warned.