A Present


It took me just over four months, twelve skeins, and countless hours. Twenty-five squares made up of three shades of blue and held together with strips of light brown. I finished it a month ago, and it has been sitting in my apartment, waiting to be proudly displayed. And now here it is--the blanket I crocheted for my brother as his high school graduation present and finally got to give him this past weekend:

I love gifts. As in, I love giving them. It's worth all the time and effort for this face:

Oh, how I love gifts. And sharing them with people I love.

{inparentheses} said...

I love brothers. And this bottom picture of the two of you. What a great big sister.

Amanda said...

Thanks! I love that picture of us too! (And brothers)

Jess said...

That blanket has been on my couch at least two different times! And that last photo is so, so sweet. Love it.