Goals and Accomplishments


Ten things I've done this year so far (in no particular order):

1. Went to a Brad Paisley concert with Jordan, where we sat in the second row and could have stolen his cowboy hat (Brad Paisley's hat, that is, not Jordan's).
2. Road-tripped to Chicago and watched my older younger brother graduate from college (and hung out with my Illinois friends!).
3. Became a member of my church in Oklahoma.
4. Finished crocheting a blanket (started at the beginning of January, completed at the end of May).
5. Watched my younger younger brother graduate from high school.
6. Bought a car after much deliberation (in March).
7. Took a cruise with my mom (technically we haven't gone yet, but it's already planned--Departure: June 28. Destination: Key West, Florida, and Cozumel, Mexico).
8. Played violin in a wedding. Also gave violin lessons to my friend's mom.
9. Visited a friend in Kansas City. Saw Brad Pitt's twin smoking a cigar outside an art studio.
10. Visited a friend in Wichita, Kansas. Saw the original birthplace of the Warren movie theater.

Ten things I hope to finish/do by the end of 2010 (again, in no particular order):

1. Finish reading through the Bible in one year (started Jan. 1)
2. Celebrate one-year anniversary in August with Jordan (already my longest relationship)
3. Fly to Illinois and visit the Sisterhood (July 30-August 4!)
4. Go skydiving (it's being planned with a girlfriend from work).
5. Crochet another blanket (for a friend, not myself).
6. Run a half-marathon (there's one in Kansas in October I'm sort of training for).
7. Bake a successful loaf of bread from scratch (it's been tried twice and was a 90% failure both times).
8. Start a senior girls' Bible study (not sure about this one, but it's been an idea as of late).
9. Read fifteen books outside of work.
10. Learn how to change a flat tire (no, it's not a lofty goal, and it's certainly something I should already know how to do).
Anonymous said...

1. I am glad that you are blogging, and I like reading, even though I never comment.

2. You're a great writer, and I'm super impressed by your left-handed spoon.

3. My favorite post so far has been "An Unexpected Question."

4. I like that even though I'm gone physically from your life, I appear both in your have-done list and plan-to-do list. This bodes well for the future and continuation of our friendship. Six months, my ass! Take that, history! :)

5. Love you lots.


Amanda said...

Bahah! I love the end of #4. It made me laugh out loud, seriously :)

1. Glad you like reading. Thanks for commenting! (I'll do my best to comment back.)
2. Well thank you, friend :)
3. Yes, that was a shining moment in our relationship.
4. I am glad as well. My trip to KS/MO was awesome! We'll have many other adventures together, I'm sure.
5. Love you too.


Geoff Reese said...

Here's a challenge. If you really want to start a Sr girls BS, contact YFCOKC. Matt is the Dir. there and I'm sure he could use you. Get ready for an urban experience though.