A Letter


Dear Jordan,

You asked me to marry you, and that means that less than four months from now we'll be married and living together. I want to make sure you fully realize what you're getting yourself into.

I'm not very quiet. I try to be, but let's face it--I'm loud. I accidentally slam doors, and I can't really whisper. I like to talk things out, and you won't be able to escape me very well once we're living in the same apartment. I like to listen to the radio when I'm falling asleep. I'm always cold, and I sleep with at least two blankets, even in the summer.  I hate closing the windows any time of the year. 

As soon as I come home, I put sweats on. I don't like taking showers, and I'm not very good at cleaning. I make a mess in the kitchen, and I don't do laundry every week. My hair is long and gets everywhere, clogging every drain possible. 

I love pictures, and I'm going to be a creeper and take pictures of you all the time and make you take pictures with me. My bedroom isn't neat, and my closet is exploding with shoes and shirts and pants and dresses. To be honest, there really isn't room for any of your stuff. So...sorry about that.

I often make smoothies in the morning. It's loud. 

Sometimes I cry for no reason, and other times I just like to be quiet. That doesn't mean anything is wrong, though. I like eating leftovers, but sometimes I forget about them for a little bit too long. I'm not afraid of mold or spiders, but I do hate snakes. I hate being late and would rather be early. It takes me forever to make a decision.

Occasionally I feel like watching a chick flick or listening to sappy love songs.

Even though I won't try, I know I'm going to make you crazy. I'm awkward and silly and will most likely embarrass you in public a time or two (not that I'll try; it just happens). In the mornings, I can look pretty rough.

But if you're up for it, I am too. It's gonna be insane. Just don't say I didn't warn you.