Something Fun


I really wanted to have one of those photo booth things at the reception. Something where people could go and take pictures and make funny faces. I was, therefore, quite annoyed to find out that it costs a chunk of change to rent a photo booth for a wedding. I'm talking a few thousand dollars for a couple of hours.

Luckily, my dad is creative and resourceful and ended up downloading a program someone smart had created for a Mac computer that could simulate a photo booth. It takes three pictures and then prints them out in a strip like the kind you'd get at the mall. All the pictures are automatically saved to the computer, and my dad burned me a copy of the disc with all the individual pictures. There are some awesome shots, and from the looks of it, people had a lot of fun. This was a stress factor for my dad, who almost couldn't get it to work the day of.

But it did and it was awesome, and now I have over 350 photos. Here are just a few...

And I can't leave out this one. I don't know what's going on with Jordan's face, but it isn't good.

Anonymous said...

hooray, I made the photo booth montage!! success.

this really was a great idea, though. your dad is awesome.