52 Candles


Today, I'd like to wish a most fabulous birthday to my dad! Lookin' good at 52. I've written a lot about my family on this blog, and the reason is because they're all freaking awesome. 

But we wouldn't be anything without my dad. 
He's a great storyteller, a spontaneous planner of family vacations, and the best parallel-parker I've ever seen. 

You have to see him in action parking a black Suburban on a crowded street in the middle of downtown Chicago to believe it. 

And, in just about a week from today he's heading out on a 500-mile bike ride to raise money for Youth for Christ. My dad is the director of the North Texas region, and this bike ride is stage 2 of a 4-stage ride from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico. Last summer he trained for stage 1, and Sept 3-11 he's riding stage 2 with four friends of his.

Every day this summer--even in this 100+-degree heat--he's been pumping up his bike tires, strapping on his helmet, getting his gear, and heading out for a few hours of riding. 

Here he is posing at the start of last year's ride. Totally legit for a 52-year-old, right? Or anyone, for that matter. I know I couldn't do it.

So happy birthday, Dad! You're my hero. 
And happy riding! 

{If you're interested in supporting my dad's ride and/or YFC or just want more info, please let me know!}