The Word You're Looking For Is Booya


I felt it was appropriate today to show you a picture of me and my car.
Because after work yesterday I went to the bank and paid. it. off.
A year and a half early, I might add.

Hence me jumping for joy in front of my car while holding the official papers.

Also, for your interest, here are some car-jumping-picture deleted scenes. I do strange things when preparing to jump.

Special thanks to my photographer, Jordan, who braved heat and humiliation to take pictures of his wife jumping around in the parking lot. 

{My car and I are embracing the camera this week with Emily!}

Lauren said...

haha I did the exact same thing the day I payed off my car. :) But I'm not gifted with jumping pictures to start with, add in ice & a winter coat... it didn't make for a good one. But yours looks great!

I think I spent the next day saying over & over " I actually OWN something!"

Jamie Kubeczka said...

I would be jumping too! Nice!

Hall Around Texas said...

This is awesome! Love it!

emily anderson said...

you're right.