My Head is Exploding


A new outlet mall just opened about 10 minutes from my apartment. It's a pretty big deal around here; a friend from Tulsa even said people she knew were talking about the OKC outlet mall.

Yesterday, I went for the first time.

I was there for three hours and didn't even make it in all the stores. And as much as I wanted to show disdain and be all "above" the hype of the outlet mall, it actually was pretty nice. There are some great stores, and a lot of them had good deals. I ended up buying a pair of shoes from Naturalizer and a skirt and shirt from Gap.

There was a lot I saw that I would have liked to buy, but Jordan and I have a budget now--an official one with an excel spreadsheet (which I might post about at some point)--so I had limited resources.

It was fun shopping and trying on clothes, but as I walked around and saw all the great new shops, my head started to explode. It was exploding with (dare I say it?) Christmas gift ideas.

I know. It's entirely too soon to be thinking about Christmas gifts, and I'm not one to rush time. But finding the perfect gift for someone I like is pretty much my favorite thing ever, and this outlet mall might be the death of me.

I came home and went on and on to Jordan about all the awesome ideas I have for this holiday season. He's not as into gifts as I am, and he's well aware he'll have to hold me back. But now, after visiting the new outlet mall that's oh-so-close to my house, I think he'll have his work cut out for him.

Screw the budget, I say. Presents! 

Yeah. This could be trouble.