Mostly Wordless Wednesday--His & Hers


I found these at Garden Ridge. 
I may or may not have been married yet when I bought them. 
They sat in our closet until last week, when I finally hung them above the bed. 

Hanging things makes me feel domestic.


  1. I LOVE Garden Ridge. That store is amazing. We don't have them up here. :(

    Also, your bed is really cute. But I'm also disappointed by it because it seems that marriage means huge, elaborate beds with 40 million pillows. I don't want my marriage to mean that... :(

    Functional pillows only for me, please!


  2. Ooo I like these! :) Were you at least engaged when you got them? haha If not, I'm still not judging you, just laughing a bit more.

  3. Super cute!

    And sorry, to Audra, but I love the big bed AND the pillows. I've had a bed like that even as a single woman. Curby will just have to accept that its a part of who I am. I feel like all of those pillows are functional - if you're hanging out on the bed, you should lay on them (just not when you're sleeping). :)

  4. Audra, Jordan doesn't like the pillows either. It's okay :) I don't think it's a product of marriage. I had extra pillows before too.

    Lauren, yes. I did at least buy them when I was engaged. haha.

    Tiff, glad you agree with me! I am a fan of decorative pillows, as long as there aren't *too* many.

    Thanks, Amy! I thought they were pretty cute.


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