Flashback Friday--The Back-to-School Edition


I'm pretty sure this is me on my first day of kindergarten.
It's definitely not preschool (cuz I never went; I'm smart like that).
So it has to be kindergarten. The definitive clue are my bangs. After kindergarten I grew those babies out and haven't looked back since. Bangs just aren't for me. 

But look how cute I was with my bangs, large pink bracelet thing, jean dress, and multicolored backpack. 

Dear 1992,

You served your purpose and served it well, but for your sake, I suggest you not attempt a comeback. Trust me, it will not go well.

Sincerely yours, 

Linking up with Lauren for today's colorful flashback!

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  1. Aw look how stinking cute you are! Great flashback. Does that pink bracelet have a faux diamond on top?!


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