Flashback Friday--The Back-to-School Edition


I'm pretty sure this is me on my first day of kindergarten.
It's definitely not preschool (cuz I never went; I'm smart like that).
So it has to be kindergarten. The definitive clue are my bangs. After kindergarten I grew those babies out and haven't looked back since. Bangs just aren't for me. 

But look how cute I was with my bangs, large pink bracelet thing, jean dress, and multicolored backpack. 

Dear 1992,

You served your purpose and served it well, but for your sake, I suggest you not attempt a comeback. Trust me, it will not go well.

Sincerely yours, 

Linking up with Lauren for today's colorful flashback!

Lauren said...

Aw look how stinking cute you are! Great flashback. Does that pink bracelet have a faux diamond on top?!