Flashback Friday--A Baby in a Dryer


I used this picture in my wedding slideshow. 

For some reason I found the prospect of me climbing in the dryer hilarious. Especially since I don't look old enough to have done this myself, so I can only assume one of my parents (or both) set me in here just for the photo op. Nice, right?

But then, when I was home a few weekends ago, I found this:

I'm clearly older and look strong enough to have climbed in on my own power. The question is why. Did I remember doing this before and thought it was fun? Did I happen to see the earlier picture and decide to recreate the moment? Did my parents put me in here again

Either way, it appears I had a childhood fascination with dyers. I'm not sure what this means. Probably nothing good. But it might explain why I don't mind doing laundry.

Anonymous said...

Your head looks enormous in these pictures. And I think that is awesome. Do you have a big head still? I have never thought of you as having a big head. Hmmm. Interesting. Anyway... I also love your chubbiness in the first one. These pictures are just almost too great for words. Thanks for sharing!


Emily said...

Too cute, you were adorable!

Heidi said...

Is that a stackable washer/dryer? Because that would be super hardcore if you climbed up there by yourself. And also super irresponsible of your parents if they did it. Both options are awesome.

Anonymous said...

!! to Heidi's comment! The first pic DOES look like the dryer is sitting on the counter. Shame on your parents!! Too funny.


Amanda said...

Audra, my head DOES look large! Goodness. But it isn't... I don't think... Glad you like the pics :)

Thanks, Emily!

Heidi, I think it was stackable. My parent's weren't *that* irresponsible...I don't think...